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Current Resident: Sep 1, 2017–Nov 30, 2017

Rubicon Gallery

Studio #201


Lucy McKenna

Lucy McKenna’s work is concerned with information systems that attempt to explain the universe and our place in it. She has a multidisciplinary practice that includes drawing, photography, film and installation.Through her projects she traces different forms of data extraction, collection and communication developed by humans. This can include methods of scientific experiment, invention of technology, intuitive belief, or myth. In her work, McKenna seeks to unfold the information hidden in those spaces where the analytic and the intuitive concur.

Lucy McKenna has had several international solo and group exhibitions, including at The Lab Gallery, Dublin; gallerywest, Toronto; and VISUAL, Carlow. She had participated in residency programs at Vermont Studio Center, Toronto Artscape, and NES, Iceland.

Current Resident: Jul 1, 2017–Nov 30, 2017

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc.

Studio #202


Entang Wiharso

Entang Wiharso (born 1967, Java, Indonesia) has been dividing his time between Indonesia and the United States for many years. Wiharso has a multidisciplinary practice and is known for his dramatic visual language and unique images of contemporary life. From universal issues of power, loss and love to broader categories of ideology, philosophy and identity, Wiharso’s work is layered with social, political and sexual critique, revealing a complex picture of the human condition. Wiharso’s recent work focuses on the duality of cultures and experiences in his two homelands, throwing into sharp focus issues of national identity, migration, race, political states and power conflicts.

Entang Wiharso graduated from the Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta in 1994. He has had solo exhibitions at Marc Straus, New York; Singapore Tyler Print Institute; Bernier/Eliades Gallery, Athens; ARNDT Gallery, Berlin and Singapore; and National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. Wiharso has also been part of group shows including the 55th Venice Biennale; Odyssey: Navigating Nameless Seas, Singapore Art Museum; Love: The First of the 7 Virtues, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, New York; Open Sea, Musée d’art contemporain, Lyon, France; Prospect.3: Notes for Now, New Orleans; All You Need Is Love, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo; and Prague Biennale 6, among others.

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Studio #203


Søren Thilo Funder

Søren Thilo Funder’s works are carefully crafted cinematic mash-ups of diverse cultural fields and social histories, integrating aspects of critical theory, literature, cinema, popular culture and counterculture. Through the use of cinematic narratives, mise en scène and video documents the artist aspire to propose new connections between historical, cultural and political matter and generate new potential spaces, third places, for political contemplation and counter-memory.

Søren Thilo Funder lives and works in Denmark. He has participated in international exhibitions at 19th Biennale of Sydney; Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen; 12th Istanbul Biennial; Turku Art Museum; Critical Distance, Toronto; amongst others.

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