Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria used for Direct Application selection?

The selection committee will judge applications based on quality, originality and artistic merit. Other consideration factors are: the potential impact of the residency on the applicant, the applicant’s past accomplishments, and preparedness to undertake the residency.

What is the most important part of the application?

All aspects of the application are considered with equal weight. Applications are based upon quality, originality and artistic merit. You should include images or video links to the works that best indicate who you are as an artist or curator. We also strongly encourage you to include up to date and specific letters of recommendation.

The application says to include scanned copies of catalogues, what if I don’t have any?

ISCP understands that not every artist has a catalogue, if you do not have one, you may still submit your application.

Can my letters of recommendation be sent under separate cover?

Yes. Please be informed that a filing of an incomplete application can result in a processing delay.

What is the timeline after I submit my complete application?

Our application mailbox is checked once a week for applications, which then go to our jury for review. Upon ISCP receiving your application, you will receive an email informing you that your application is complete and ready for review or if it is necessary to resend any materials. Once complete, the application is then reviewed by our jury; this process may take up to two months. If selected for an ISCP residency, our Program Coordinator, Darlyn Villalona will work with you and your sponsor to find a time and a studio space for you at ISCP.

Am I allowed to self-fund or crowd fund the cost of my residency at ISCP?

ISCP does not accept sponsor fees directly from artists and curators and does not accept crowdfunding as a sponsor.


Can I get more than one sponsor to fund my residency?

Yes. You can combine different funding sources.

Do you have any recommendations for funding sources?

You may view previous and existing sponsors of residencies at ISCP via our Sponsors page. For more information, or if you have further questions, please email Darlyn Villalona with specific questions. Email below.

If my application is successful, can I choose when to start my residency?

When, and for how long, will be determined by the artist/curator, ISCP and the availability of the studios. The residencies are allocated in set time-blocks and booked approximately one year in advance.

Please Note: ISCP will not schedule a residency until funding is confirmed.

Can I break up the residency and do it in parts?


My residency will be longer than three months and I live outside of the US. Which visa should I apply for?

ISCP is not registered with the Department of State for the J-1 Visas and therefore cannot issue DS-2019 (IAP-66) certificates. (Most of ISCP artists and curators enter the United States with B1/B2 visa or through a Visa Waiver Program.) “Visitor visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons who want to enter the United States temporarily for business (visa category B-1), tourism, pleasure or visiting (visa category B-2), or a combination of both purposes (B-1/B-2).” – US Department of State website.

Can ISCP help me find accommodation in New York?

ISCP offers a list of short-term housing resources.

If you have more questions, please contact Darlyn Villalona at