January 22, 2013

Salon: Moussa Kone and Karen Elaine Spencer

Moussa Kone will discuss his project Places to Recall, which expands on his interest in the stage as much as drawing and exhibitions. Kone will speak about this series of drawings and objects that deal with the relationship between art and its audience.

Karen Elaine Spencer will share how her current project hey! mike engenders productive failure within the context of the artist being a guest in a country not her own. She will explore how the artist residency “performs” the artist, how failure opens into art, and how words betray the speaker.

January 15, 2013

Salon: Francisco Montoya Cázarez and Heldi Pema

Francisco Montoya Cázarez will present some of his recent video works where he explores through different actions and objects the possibility to confront the memory of a specific place, people or image that can be transformed into a regenerative process.

Heldi Pema will present his latest work which deals with cultural and territorial issues. He will discuss his creative process as well as his relationship to the media he employs.

Offsite Project
December 17–December 17, 2012

Nuria Montiel: Music Footprints

Over the course of three weeks this fall, ISCP resident Nuria Montiel collaborated with Brooklyn Preparatory high school students to create an installation based on her art work. Contributing students gained insight into contemporary art practices while creating a twenty-foot site-specific work with Montiel along the corridors of Brooklyn Prep. The work is based on a sentence chosen by the students printed onto the wall with letters resembling footsteps, to literally leave a mark or make a stand. Music Footprints was developed as part of ISCP’s Participatory Projects initiative that brings the work of resident artists into the public realm.

Brooklyn Preparatory High School
257 North 6th St, Basement Level, Brooklyn, NY

Participating Residents