January 28, 2014

Salon: Andrea Mastrovito and Eileen Maxson

Please note: This Salon was originally scheduled for January 21, but was rescheduled due to the snowstorm.

Andrea Mastrovito will discuss the projects he is working on in his first two months at ISCP: a museum solo show in Italy, a public project in Bushwick and his studio work about the circus. All of them are characterized by a series of deep reflections about drawing and its declinations in time and space through sculpture, video and performance, where the line of drawing mingles with lines of personal and universal history.

Eileen Maxson will present a body of work in-progress that takes the 1990’s cult film Reality Bites as central inspiration. Maxson is focused on the film for its timely conflicts: personal virtue versus market society, mediation versus authenticity and commodification versus rebellion. Works presented will include video, sculpture, internet intervention and photography.

January 7, 2014

Salon: Tobias Dostal and Sofie Thorsen

Tobias Dostal will present on 16mm projectors his new animated films created during his year-long residency at ISCP. He will also give an example of his performances of magic and sleight of hand that he combines with his filmwork.

Sofie Thorsen will present work from recent exhibitions and discuss how it connects with what she has been making while at ISCP. The focus will be on the background of the works, but also on questions of working method and the process of developing new projects.

Participating Residents

December 3, 2013

Salon: Paulien Oltheten and Savas Boyraz

For this event, Paulien Oltheten will perform one of her “Sort of Lectures” in which she interweaves different works in a narrative structure, layering them in form and time: with a camera in her hand, she browses through piled up photographs, zooms in on details, films paper sheets with text comments, and shows moving image; all directly projected onto the screen. The result appears as a kind of performed archive, an anthropological study, and documentary.

Savas Boyraz will show photographs and video excerpts from his on-going work and will speak about his chosen narrative forms and motives behind this new work. Boyraz focuses on portrait photography, documentary and fiction narratives. His work straddles the gap between nation state and cultural linguistic entities; he tries to shed light on the overlooked and omitted corners of societies and their history.

Participating Residents