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Past Resident
2011: Lee and Fritz Michel

Zoe Crosher

Zoe Crosher’s practice deals with photography as a tool of fiction of documentary. She has long been interested in thinking through the ways that memory operates through photographs on the basis of the stories that we ourselves write. Also, her home of Los Angeles has a unique and specific relationship to fiction—truth and imagination are easily conflated here—so she is particularly interested how she can use documentary photography to the same end. Ultimately, no matter how adept we have become in reading photographs, there is still the traditional assumption of an overarching “truth” in our approach to documentary work, which Crosher hopes to complicate.

Zoe Crosher (born 1975) currently lives and works in Los Angeles. In addition to her exhibition practice, she has a monograph, Out the Window (LAX), examining space and transience around the Los Angeles airport, and an upcoming publication series of her newest project, The Michelle duBois project, published by Aperture Ideas. Crosher served as Visiting Professor at UCLA and Art Center, as well was Associate Editor at the journal Afterall after receiving her MFA from CalArts. Recently she was awarded the prestigious Art Here and Now Award by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Her work was included in the 2010 California Biennial at the Orange County Museum of Art, California, and she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States. She is represented by Perry Rubenstein.

Past Resident
2011: Foundation for a Civil Society

Beli Sladoled

Beli Sladoled (white ice cream) is an artist collective consisting of two “academic painters,” Miha Perne and Leon Zuodar. Beli Sladoled experiment with drawing and work on the principle of the “Kinder egg”, where each exhibition is a surprise on its own. The collective considers the broader meaning of drawing, not just a framed picture, but rather as a part of every day life, engaging in various opportunities and situations. Their drawings are living forms that set off visible reactions among viewers, mostly laughter. Beli Sladoled play with casualness and humor in their practice, approaching drawing as far more than a sterile fine art medium. Besides their permanent collection of drawings, they have released an independent experimental comic strip album, a book compilation of drawings from different European artists, and many other book projects. Beli Sladoled have also collaborated on various artistic events, exhibitions and publications.

Miha Perne (born 1978, Ljubljana, Slovenia), graduated in photography from the Secondary School for Design and Photography and studied art history at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. He completed his studies in 2004 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana as a painting student under the mentorship of professors Zmago Jeraj
and Borut Vogelnik.

Leon Zuodar (born 1977, Postojna, Slovenia), graduated in photography from the from the Gimnazija Program at Postojna Secondary School and studied art pedagogy at the Pedagogical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. He completed his studies in 2004 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana as a painting student under the mentorship of professors Zmago Jeraj and Borut Vogelnik.

Past Resident
2011: Foundation for a Civil Society

Vasil Artamonov and Alexey Klyuykov

Vasil Artamonov and Alexey Klyuykov have been collaborating since 2006.Their works are often based on improvisational possibilities of creation in a specific place and within specific space. They try to intensify artistic cooperation and show its possibilities in a different light – to work with the cooperative process itself. Artamonov and Klyuykov work collaboratively with varied approaches to projects, sometimes in a way that segments the procedure of creation and subsequent survey of the structure, and other times in a manner that involves the division of the exhibition space into two symmetrical parts, developing their work individually, but based off of mutual interactions.

Vasil Artamonov (born 1980, Moscow, Russia) and Alexey Klyuykov (born 1983, Vladimir, Russia) both moved to Prague, Czech Republic, where they graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. Recent solo shows include 2076, OGV, Jihlava, Czech Republic; The Clay Flag, Gallery Cripta 747, Turin, Italy; Symmetric Response, Gallery Stereo, Poznaň, Poland; Estu do silento, Gallery Kisterem, Budapest, Hungary. Group exhibitions include We Came From Beyond, Gallery Starter, Poznaň, Poland; Simple Living, Muzeul National Brukenthal, Bucharest, Romania; Prague Biennale 3, Karlin Hall; I Called Friends To Have A Look, Miroslav Kralevič Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia; The Mars Field, M’ars Gallery, Moscow.