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Past Resident
2010: GyeongGi Cultural Foundation

Sungyeon Park

Sungyeon Park graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, London, UK with a MA in Fine Art in 2007 and a MFA at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea in 2001. Park’s subjects come from small voices within ordinary lives and are concerned with social issues related to visual language and individual experience. Park has received several grants including an Emerging Artist Fellowship in 2006. She had a solo show in 2009 titled still lives; small voices by Arts Council Korea and GyeongGi Cultural Foundation. Park participated in the Art Omi International Artist Residency in New York.

Bertille Bak

Bertille Bak’s work mainly focuses on contemporary communities, habitat, people’s participation and involvement in their cultural and social area, and in their own environment. Her fictional and ethnographic documentaries reveal an infiltration; people play their own roles in their current situations. Mixed social phenomena, folklore, and individual utopias comprise a crazy machine. Her work can be militant, focusing on injustices suffered by residents in mining towns of Northern France, trying to organize the last revolt of this mining territory, or trying to export the fate of inhabitants of a district of Bangkok. Far from social observation, it is much more to negotiate reality through the video camera, and to recount the last possible escapement and replay protective practices of real communities. In that way, even if incongruities are abound, it can be called an ethnographic test, a desire to raise a second memory. This is also the case for her archive of a mining town before its imminent destruction.

Past Resident
2010: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Aihua Hsia

Aihua Hsia’s work challenges the notions of boundaries and containment within the human psyche. She explores the collective unconscious by revealing the presence of a shared human essence. Through the employment of the ancient Buddhist sculpture technique, “Datsukanshitu,” Hsia incorporates her Chinese roots, the natural world, and the traditional past into her work. Hsia’s work has been nationally and internationally exhibited at Gifu Municipal Culture Center, Japan; Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan; and 2 x 13 Gallery, New York. Aihua Hsia was born in Taipei Taiwan in 1973, and received a BFA in Sculpture at National Taiwan University of Arts and an MFA in Sculpture at Okinawa Prefecture University of Arts.