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Tina Lechner

Working with analog photography, Tina Lechner uses her camera as an instrument to explore identity, depict subjectivity, and open the gaze to an apocalyptic vision of (post-) modernity. In her photographs the human body is coated in self-produced sculptural objects that suggest some sort of science fiction-esque rebirth undermining the cultural construction of femininity.

Tina Lechner has exhibited work at C/O Berlin; Weltmuseum, Vienna; and Belvedere 21Vienna, among others.

Past Resident
2019: Fire Station - Qatar Museums

Fatima Mohammed

Fatima Mohammed works in mixed media, installation art and printmaking, creating her own homemade inks from medicines meant to cure her back complaint. Her work focuses on the changing social anatomy of the Arabian Gulf, portrayed through the perspective of her fictional character, 3naj (Anaj).

Fatima Mohammed (born 1993, Qatar) graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar (VCUQ) in 2016, with a major in Painting and Printmaking and a minor in Art History. She has exhibited work at al markhiya gallery, Fire Station, and Msheireb Museums, all Doha, among others.

Past Resident
2019: Artis

Orr Menirom

Orr Menirom’s work examines how digital moving images form personal memories and collective narratives. She explores how digital imagery reflects upon, and interjects with, the daily reality of social and political life. Her works are influenced by research-based practices, documentary filmmaking and video essays. Part of her process involves re-editing found footage. She also creates environments which are documented and edited into moving image work.  

Orr Menirom has exhibited work at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London; International Film Festival Rotterdam; and Tel Aviv Museum of Art, among others.