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Past Resident
2021: Danish Arts Foundation

Julie Stavad

Julie Stavad’s sculptures and sculptural installations brings the body into play with jumps in scale and through contrasting effects in materials. Her sculptural practice brings together the object, spoken and written language, and the body into an associative interaction.

Julie Stavad has exhibited work at Holstebro Kunstmuseum, Kunsthal Aarhus, and Kunsthal NORD, all Denmark, among others.

Anna Witt

Anna Witt’s artistic practice is performative, participatory, and political. She creates situations that reflect interpersonal relationships and power structures as well as conventions of speaking and acting. Her public experimental arrangements often physically draw passersby by repeating imitation of specifically coded gestures and developing complex choreographies, thus giving the participants an opportunities for individual articulation and authorship.

Anna Witt has exhibited work at Belvedere 21, Vienna; Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul; and KW Institue for Contemporary Art, Berlin, among others.