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Current Resident: Sep 1, 2022–Nov 30, 2022

FLAD-The Luso-American Development Foundation

Studio #203


Henrique Pavão

Artist Henrique Pavão focuses on issues of entropy, loss, anachronism, storytelling, and temporality. Pavão reflects an interest in the use of conceptual movement archaeology, which is linked, according to the artist, to a sophisticated, poetical, and cinematic use of processes. His work traverses various media (sculpture, film/video, photography, and sound), with a focus on each medium’s unique processes and mechanisms as markers of its temporality and history.

Henrique Pavão has exhibited work at Frame Section, Frieze, New York; MAAT – Museum of Art Architecture and Technology, Lisbon; and Culturgest, Porto, among others.

Current Resident: Sep 1, 2022–Dec 31, 2022

Dennis Elliott Founder's Fund

Studio #204


Michael Tsegaye

Michael Tsegaye is interested in strengthening the arts in Ethiopia and creating a larger public sphere that promotes critical thinking and dialogue through the arts. He expresses concern about Addis Abeba’s urban revolution, which has claimed millions of lives. Tsegaye’s work calls into question the strategy of privilege and exclusion employed by Ethiopian urbanism, as well as its long-term implications.

Michael Tsegaye has exhibited work at Musée du quai Branly, Paris; International Center of Photography (ICP), New York City; and Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography, Amsterdam, among others.

Current Resident: Sep 1, 2022–Nov 30, 2022

Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin

Studio #205


Cornelia Herfurtner

Cornelia Herfurtner utilizes wood as material and relief as form. Her work often portrays everyday objects on portable shields, taking inspiration from West-Germany legal history, where these objects were negotiated as so-called protective weapons. Herfurtner’s practice raises and answers questions such as “What does it mean for society if the defensive moment of protecting oneself is understood offensive? To protect themselves, what practices of caring for oneself and others do people develop? What is the role of public space in this?”

Cornelia Herfurtner has exhibited work at after the butcher, Berlin; very project space, Berlin; and Mélange, Cologne, among others.

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