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Claudia Passeri

Claudia Passeri creates site-specific interventions and contextual pieces that explore human perception in relation to place. Depending on the site and the context, the work takes on social, political, and environmental aspects. Her research has a neo-romantic aspect that seeks, frequently via the use of irony, to reveal the mechanisms that activate the human creative processes, which transform how we view the world.

Claudia Passeri (Born 1977 Luxembourg) lives and works between Luxembourg and Perugia, Italy. Her work has been regularly exhibited in Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg. In 2007, she co-founded the Agence Borderline, a public art project born in the context of the European cultural year 2007 In Luxembourg.

Past Resident
2012: Foundation for a Civil Society

Olson Lamaj

Olson Lamaj works in several media including photography, video, painting and installation, though his work is typically serial photography executed over a long period of time. In addition, he makes site-specific work when inspired by a physical place. His training in the Italian academy has deeply impacted his practice, not only in his treatment of photography as an art medium, but also in his ability to notice and capture the absurdities, ironies, and contradictions that are a result of the unregulated and fast-paced change that characterizes contemporary urban Albania. As an artist who lives between two different worlds, Lamaj is sensitive to these transformations and shares the peculiar visions that this position affords him.

Born and raised in Albania, Olson Lamaj studied visual art in Milan where he has worked and lived for several years. He has participated in various exhibitions throughout Europe and in his native Albania.

Past Resident
2012: Foundation for a Civil Society

Tomaz Furlan

Much of Tomaz Furlan’s work is part of a continuous series called WEAR. The fourteen iterations of WEAR each include a video as well as a sculpture, machine, or installation. In WEAR, the sculptures are props often in the form of clothes; the title WEAR is derived from this. While the title suggests that these pieces are just clothes, they are also a functional object made for ritual action. The WEAR project is an attempt to reconcile both banality and stupidity.

Tomaz Furlan studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art, Ljubljana. His work consists of video performances, sculptures and video installations. The video performances highlight the use of dresses or body accessories made for a certain purpose. He has been part of many exhibtions in Slovenia and internationally including Manifesta 9, Genk; In the Loop: Contemporary Contemporary Video Art from the European Union, Washington; Limited Access II, Parkingallery, and Eyedentify Yourself, SCCA Ljubljana. Furlan lives and works in Ljubljana.