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Current Resident: Jul 1, 2023–Jun 30, 2024

Toby Devan Lewis

Studio #305


Laura Bernstein

Laura Bernstein creates layered worlds that explore human and animal behavior, as well as mythologies of metamorphose. Her work reflects on the climate through video, performance, installation, and painting, drawing inspiration from medieval illuminated manuscripts and theatrical spectacle traditions.

Laura Bernstein has exhibited at Essex Flowers Gallery; BRIC; and Children’s Museum of the Arts, all in New York, among others.

Current Resident: Jun 1, 2024–Jul 31, 2024

Danish Arts Foundation, Knud Højgaards Fond

Studio #306


Stine Deja

Stine Deja works across a variety of media, including total installation, sculpture, soundscapes, and 3D animation, to explore the effects of technological development on our psychology, living conditions, and behavior patterns. Combining extensive conceptual research with an otherworldly aesthetic and satirical wit, Deja’s work provides an absurd and critical perspective on the future of human culture.

Stine Deja has exhibited work at Tranen, Denmark; Beijing Times Art Museum, China; and MUDAM, Luxembourg, among others.

Azita Moradkhani

Azita Moradkhani’s practice is heavily influenced by Persian art, culture, and politics as a result of her upbringing in Tehran. Her work centers on the female body and its exposure to various social norms, examining the experience of personal insecurity and the sensitivity of the dynamics of vulnerability and violence.

Azita Moradkhani has exhibited work at Jane Lombard Gallery, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, China; and Royal Academy of Arts, England, among others.

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