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Past Resident
2022: Fire Station - Qatar Museums

Zainab AlShibani

Zainab AlShibani explores mysticism and folklore through Arabic letter forms and illustrations. She is passionate about creating dream-like visions of life, gender, self, and creative work.

Zainab AlShibani has exhibited work at Cairopolitan, Egypt; VCUQ, Qatar; and MIA, Qatar, among others.

Past Resident
2022: Danish Arts Foundation

Tina Maria Nielsen

Tina Maria Nielsen works primarily with sculpture and installation, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources ranging from everyday objects to ancient sculpture. Nielsen attempts to reproduce our sense of values and views through her work, reflecting an interest in objects that have some sort of lost attention. She investigates the assigned relationship between an object and its meaning, as well as the process and psychological aspects inherent in relation to experience and presence in space as a body, using various materials and casting methods.

Tina Maria Nielsen has exhibited work at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art; Esbjerg Art Museum; and Horsens Art Museum, all in Denmark, among others.

Cornelia Herfurtner

Cornelia Herfurtner utilizes wood as material and relief as form. Her work often portrays everyday objects on portable shields, taking inspiration from West-Germany legal history, where these objects were negotiated as so-called protective weapons. Herfurtner’s practice raises and answers questions such as “What does it mean for society if the defensive moment of protecting oneself is understood offensive? To protect themselves, what practices of caring for oneself and others do people develop? What is the role of public space in this?”

Cornelia Herfurtner has exhibited work at after the butcher, Berlin; very project space, Berlin; and Mélange, Cologne, among others.