Jane Farver Library at ISCP

The Jane Farver Library consists of over 200 books from the personal collection of Jane Farver, contributed to ISCP by artist John Moore. The collection includes multiple rare and out-of-print titles.

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Jane Farver was a globally celebrated curator who served as a dedicated trustee of ISCP. Her extraordinary role as a pioneering curator changed the lives of artists and shared their work with audiences around the world. As co-chief art critic at The New York Times and Pulitzer Prize winner Holland Cotter recently noted, Farver was a “vista-opener” who gave a huge boost to many artists and colleagues during her career, with her generosity of spirit and strong vision. As chief curator at the Queens Museum from 1992-99, Farver organized the hugely influential exhibitions Global Conceptualism: Points of Origin 1950s-1980s; Across the Pacific: Contemporary Korean and Korean American Art, and Out of India: Contemporary Art of the South Asian Diaspora. Out of India ‘was one of the few surveys of its kind in the United States up to that time.’ (H. Cotter, ‘Indian Artists Look Westward, and Homeward, at the Queens Museum,’ The New York Times, 4 June 2015). It featured notable names such as Rina Banerjee, Homai Vyarawalla, Pablo Bartholomew, Allan deSouza, Zarina Bhimji, among others.

Jane Farver Library: Book Request Guide

To access the books in this collection, please contact Houda Lazrak at hlazrak@iscp-org with the following information:

1. Title of book
2. Date and time you would like to access the book
3. Your name and contact details

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ISCP will prepare the book for collection from the Front Desk.

Please do not remove the book from ISCP premises. Books are available up for up to one week, depending on various factors. Four books at a time may be borrowed. Books must be returned to an ISCP staff member or intern, who will arrange for reshelving. If you are an ISCP resident and would like to borrow the book for an extended period of time, please indicate this in your email request. Alternatively, if you would like to browse the collection, an appointment may be arranged to do so.