October 7, 2014

Salon: Natasa Kokic and Dominik Lang

Natasa Kokic will present her recent charcoal drawings produced while in residency at ISCP which employ images from history and science to portray transformations in culture and their effect on society. Her work generally focuses on landscape in contemporary society; she creates fictional places that have diverse meanings.

In his installations, Dominik Lang rethinks the modernist tradition, combining it with contemporary modes of presentation. Besides exhibiting the very artworks, he is also aware of their spatial connections so that the exhibition mode becomes part of the game.

Participating Residents

September 16, 2014

Salon: Taysir Batniji and Anne Wodtcke

Taysir Batniji will briefly present his journey from Palestine to Europe, and particularly France, where he arrived in 1995, as well as a selection of works he has realized in recent years. In between France and Palestine – both geographically and culturally – he developed a multidisciplinary art practice in which the image, photo and video occupies an important place. He devotes part of his work to analyzing the process of media information, especially news in the Middle East.

Anne Wodtcke will present some of her recent video works as well as sketches for an ongoing lecture-performance developed during her residency at ISCP. Wodtcke’s works are situated in experimental set-ups for sculpture, time-based sculpture and sculptural narration. She interacts with everyday items such as paper, brushes, twine, pedestals, tires, stools, inner tubes or truck tires to explore simple movements and their sculptural potential. In her live performances, she uses archival material to initiate a sculptural process and composition in real time.