December 8, 2015

Salon: Sophie Jung, Lilian Kreutzberger, and Maruša Sagadin

Sophie Jung’s work revolves around the awe of unstable semiotics. With her textual and textured sculptures, she addresses the earnest and often absurd desperation in which uncertain concepts are packed into words, objects or facial expressions, shifting their assumed meaning from work to sentence to song. For the Salon, she will perform a selection of sculptures and elaborate on her recent work Operation Earnest Voice commissioned by Ballroom Marfa.

Painter and sculptor Lilian Kreutzberger synthesizes research into the futility and challenges of modern utopias and the role that urban space plays within them. Her wall-reliefs deal with process, abstraction and painting. Their scale and materiality either reveal or add ambiguity to how the work is read—as a map, motherboard or hieroglyph.

Maruša Sagadin’s practice centers on the relationship between language, architecture, gender and sculpture, drawing inspiration from pop and subculture sources. For the Salon, she will speak about new work that collages images from magazines, LP records and YouTube.

November 24, 2015

Salon: Tony Albert and Aleksander Komarov

Tony Albert will speak about his work Once Upon A Time (2013-2014), which won the prestigious Basil Sellers Art Prize. Once Upon A Time deals with racism in sports, and by implication, Australian society. The work focuses on the crowd abuse directed towards Indigenous Australian Football League player Adam Goodes. Albert will address the controversy behind the treatment of Goodes and another work within the same theme that looks at a series of letters he wrote to Australian artist Gordon Bennett.

Aleksander Komarov presents his ongoing project Language Lessons. Komarov investigates the construction of language among immigrants in establishing their identities. He is interested in the role that language and the voice plays in political, cultural and social issues, and how language shapes individual and collective experience. In his work Palipaduazennije (2013), Komarov asked a group of Belarusian immigrants to describe one word in their “native” language that is associated with immigration.

Participating Residents

November 17, 2015

Panel Discussion: Taking Up Space: Artist and Community as Co-Creators

In collaboration with the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA)

Participants: Liene Bosque, Peekskill Project 6 artist; Saskia Janssen (ISCP resident) and George Korsmit, Peekskill Project 6 artists; Emilie Nilsson, Organizer and head curator, Peekskill Project 6; Naomi Hersson-Ringskog, Executive Director, No Longer Empty; Todd Shalom, Founder and Director, Elastic City; Mishiba Taylor, Bohlmann Tower Resident, beautician and participant in Welcome Stranger.

This panel discussion will focus on community-based art projects, investigating the role that artists, communities and organizations play in socially-driven work. Panel participants will discuss the critical and reflexive potential of public projects, while questioning the capacity, obstacles and impact of participatory and socially engaged works today. The talk will use Peekskill, New York as a point of departure in a broader conversation addressing the role of contemporary art in everyday life and the value of integrating art within urban communities in meaningful ways.

Taking Up Space, a nomadic series of four panel discussions, is organized to coincide with the 6th edition of the Peekskill Project, the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art’s citywide public art festival devoted to bringing contemporary art out of the museum and into the community. This series of talks will run throughout the duration of the festival, September through December 2015, and will be hosted by several institutions in New York City and Peekskill, including ISCP, HVCCA and The Clemente/Artists Alliance Inc.

Participating Residents