Public Programs

Rethinking Residencies Panel, 2015.

Theaster Gates presents a Salon, 2010.


Since 2010, the exhibition program has been dedicated to commissioning and presenting significant work by dynamic international artists underrepresented in New York City. The three to four exhibitions each year, include: a thematic exhibition; a solo exhibition by a current ISCP artist-in-residence; a solo exhibition by an ISCP alum; and an institutional residency exhibition. Most exhibitions are accompanied by a fully illustrated publication with a new essay, available for free to the public in hard copy and online. Talks, panels and offsite projects are often presented in conjunction with exhibitions. The 2020 exhibition program included the institutional residency Transient Museum of a Thousand Conversations: LIR at ISCPOne (Illegitimate) Child curated by ISCP resident Jianru Wu; a solo show by ISCP resident Walter Scott, Walter Scott: The Pathos of Mandy; a group show of work by ISCP Ground Floor program residents, The Earth Is Blue Like an Orange; and a solo show by ISCP resident Sonia Leimer, Sonia Leimer: Via San Gennaro. 

Past ISCP exhibitions have included the first solo exhibitions in the United States by artists Leung Chi Wo, Nanna Debois Buhl, Petra Feriancova, Foundland, Chiara Fumai, Sonia Leimer, Maider Lopez, Maria Rapicavoli, and Stefanos Tsivopoulos. Group exhibitions have included Factory Makers, The Power to Host, Secondary Witness, and The Field is to the Sky, Only Backwards.

In 2015, the project space on the ground floor was refitted for exhibition purposes, and is employed for a variety of presentations. From Fall 2015 to Spring 2016, Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies collaborated with ISCP to stage seven separate solo exhibitions. In 2018, the Project Space program of exhibitions includes solo show of works by contemporary Taiwanese artist known as “Shake” titled Re-Re-positioning the Presentcurated by ISCP alumna Hsiang-Ning Huang; Leaps and Bounds, a group organized in collaboration with the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College; Sound Gestures, a solo exhibition of work by ISCP alumna Sonia Louise Davis; Never Take a Vacation with an Artist Who Collects the Same Stuff You Doa group exhibition featuring the work of the nine artists in residence in ISCP’s Ground Floor Program; and Chia-Wei Hsu: Black and White – Malayan Tapir, co-organized by ISCP and the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.

ISCP Talks

ISCP Talks presents panel discussions, lectures, and conversations throughout the year on a wide range of topics related to contemporary art. This series includes talks by leading artists and curators, discussions hosted in partnership with other arts organizations, and semi-monthly public Artists at Work presentations by ISCP residents.

Offsite Projects

ISCP began to commission and produce offsite projects in 2011 by current residents and alumni. Through connecting residents to resources in the immediate neighborhood and Greater New York, this program supports resident and alumni practices, strengthens the vitality of East Williamsburg and integrates residents’ work into the life of the city. Not limited to a singular form of social or public practice, ISCP is interested in responding to resident needs, with a focus on temporary site-specific work in the public realm. ISCP seeks out meaningful partnerships with other organizations including the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, New York City Department of Transportation Urban Art Program, Moore Street Market and Southside United HDFC El Museo de Los Sures, and provides funding for selected commissions.