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Current Resident: Jul 1, 2022–Aug 31, 2022


Studio #221


Dimitra Kondylatou

Dimitra Kondylatou is a video producer, editor, writer, and host interested by the boundaries of art and how it interacts with tourism and daily life. Kondylatou explores gestures, practices, and correspondences through the lens of hospitality and exchange contexts and spaces. Her work merges ideas and crosses boundaries with other disciplines such as anthropology.

Dimitra Kondylatou has exhibited work at the 27th Athens International Film Festival; State of Concept, Athens; and W139, Amsterdam, among others.

Current Resident: Aug 1, 2022–Sep 30, 2022


Studio #222


Adam Liam Rose

Through his multidisciplinary practice, Adam Liam Rose investigates the visual language and architecture of “safety.” His work delves into the intersection of theater and life, where aesthetics and cheap tricks are used to numb, soothe, or distract audiences from a real or perceived disaster.

Adam Liam Rose has exhibited work at The Bronx Museum of the Arts; Ortega y Gasset Projects; and The Jewish Museum, all New York, among others.

Current Resident: Jun 1, 2022–Aug 31, 2022

Albert Koechlin Stiftung

Studio #301


Flurin Bisig

Flurin Bisig explores various ways of working in drawing, collage, and sculpture using materials such as paper, wood, aluminum, and marble. His process of finding forms includes contemporary song lyrics, literature, contemplation of works from art history, observation of everyday movements, and architectonic constructions. Using photography, he expands his scope of impressions and creates an additional, concrete reference to the exterior world.

Flurin Bisig has exhibited work at TICK TACK, Antwerp; Grisons Museum of Fine Arts, Chur, Switzerland; and Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland, among others.

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