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Current Resident: Jul 1, 2024–Aug 31, 2024

Canada Council for the Arts

Studio #202


Gwenessa Lam

Working across drawing and painting, Lam’s research delves into ancient archaeological objects and their potential to disrupt cultural categorizations. Using historical fragments as a framework, she examines broken accounts of the past, both personal and collective. By unraveling the logic of comprehensive historical narratives, she creates patterns and new ancestral lineages that enliven these fragments and their unexpected fractures. The result is a speculative narrative that foregrounds the fragment as a record of rupture and erasure.

Gwenessa Lam has exhibited work at Galerie de l’UQAM, Quebec; Art Gallery of Alberta, Alberta; and Queens Museum, New York, among others.

Current Resident: Jul 1, 2024–Aug 31, 2024

International Visegrad Fund

Studio #203


Adrián Kriška

Adrián Kriška (he/him) is a Prague-based interdisciplinary artist, mountaineer, chef, and music enthusiast. His primary medium is textile design, through which he explores themes such as neofolklore, nostalgia, queerness, and mythology. His work often intersects with anarchist and queer theory.

Adrián Kriška has exhibited work at Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovakia; Lunchmeat Festival, Czech Republic; and Diera do Sveta, Slovakia, among others.

Studio #204


Chiara Ianeselli

Dr. Ianeselli earned her Ph.D. in Cultural Heritage Analysis and Management from the IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca, Italy. Renowned for her curatorial projects and exhibition coordination, she has contributed to dOCUMENTA (13), the 14th Istanbul Biennial, and documenta fifteen. Specializing in research-based creative initiatives, multidisciplinary collaborations, and trans-historical perspectives, she is particularly interested in experimental approaches. By combining art-historical research with contemporary debates on collection accessibility, she promotes methodological inquiries in exhibition making. Currently, she is developing MAXXI Med in Sicily.

Dr. Ianeselli has curated exhibitions at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, Italy; and de Waag, Netherlands, among others.

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