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Past Resident
2023: Fire Station - Qatar Museums


wdha (Wadha Al Musallam) is a digital artist with an interest in experimental surrealist imagery. She employs sound, video, and photography to depict various psychological states of being. Her work is focused on creating imagery that elicits emotional reactions from the viewer, with meanings that vary and shift depending on the individual and their reality. Her approach is heavily influenced by a desire to experiment. She views digital art as a medium for self-discovery, with her motifs being direct reflections of her surroundings and upbringing.

wdha has exhibited work at Fire station Museum, Qatar.







Past Resident
2023: Jane Farver Memorial Fund

Anamaría Garzón Mantilla

Anamaría Garzón Mantilla is an art historian and curator. In addition to being a professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, she is a PhD student at the University of Essex and the director of post(s), an academic journal about art, media and culture. Her research focuses on artistic and curatorial practices that challenge hegemonic narratives and omissions in art history.

Anamaría Garzón Mantilla has curated exhibitions at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito; Arte Actual – FLACSO; and Khora, all in Ecuador.



Aideen Barry

Aideen Barry is a multidisciplinary artist whose modes of expression include performance, moving image, and sculptural manifestations. Using visual tricks to intensify the suspension of reality, Barry explores subjects such as domestic labor, examinations of class, otherness, environmental change, and human vulnerability.

Aideen Barry has exhibited work at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Kazten Center at American University Museum, Washington D.C.; and Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, Málaga, among others.