Past Residents

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Past Resident
2018: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Yen-Ting Hsu

Yen-Ting Hsu investigates the cultural context of sounds, explores the connection between life, environment and ethnic cultures, and reflects on the relationship between sounds and their surrounding world. Using field recordings as her primary material, Hsu creates audio documentaries, soundscapes and sound performances. She also works extensively with dance theaters as a sound designer.

Yen-Ting Hsu has exhibited at Taipei Artist Village, Fremantle Arts Centre, and Taipei Fine Arts Museum, among others. 

Falk Messerschmidt

Falk Messerschmidt works with photography and creates mixed media artworks. His works are an investigation of concepts such as authenticity and objectivity by using an encyclopaedic approach and by referencing documentaries and science. He often introduces narratives and speculative elements based on obscure biographies and marginal historical events.

Falk Messerschmidt has exhibited at several institutions both in Germany and abroad, including maerzgalerie, Berlin; Meštrović Pavilion, Zagreb; Oktogon, Dresden; and Fotogalerie, Wien Vienna, amongst others.

Past Resident
2018: Danish Arts Foundation

Anders Bülow

Anders Bülow works at the intersection of painting and sculpture. His practice is framed by the possibilities and limitations of the materials he employs. Bülow seeks a sensitive aesthetic that borders on the vulgar.

Anders Bülow has exhibited works in Copenhagen and other European cities, including Officin, Copenhagen; Danske Grafikere, Copenhagen; and After Howl, Brussels.