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Past Resident
2014: Foundation for a Civil Society

Natasa Kokic

Natasa Kokic’s recent works are inspired by nature and its symbolism in contemporary culture. Her drawings show fictional landscapes, devoid of any visible impact left by people, with indeterminate seasons or times of day. She focuses on the notion of inner landscape, the place we all carry inside of us. It is a place where everything starts and ends and its shape depends on our social circumstances, the places where we grew up and people around us. Her latest series of charcoal drawings use images from the history and science. Here Kokic is trying to tell a slightly different story where man-made landscapes, asteroids and computers have their own separate lives and meanings, but connect with one another through the same background, coming from the same place.

Natasa Kokic (born 1979, Belgrade, Serbia) is currently completing her PhD studies in Belgrade. Recent shows include 47th October salon: Life, art and confusion, Belgrade; Ny Serbisk Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark; Restoration, Cultural Center of Belgrade; Strength in us, European Centre for Culture and Debate GRAD, Belgrade; Supermarket, Stockholm Art Fair, Kulturhuset, Stokholm, Sweden; NordArt 2012, Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Germany; Nothing comes from isolation, Tegnerforbundet Oslo, Norway; Edge of the Map, Cultural Centre of Belgrade and I’m so full of rocks, I can hardly move, Remont Gallery, Belgrade.

Past Resident
2014: Edge of Arabia and Art Jameel


Foundland Collective (Ghalia Elsrakbi and Lauren Alexander) is a design, research and art practice, based between Cairo, Egypt and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The collective’s work draws on graphic design, art, writing and research in order to formulate small and large scale projects, self-initiated and commissioned. Since inception in 2009, the collective have focused on critical analysis of topics related to political and place branding, manifesting their speculations and ideas through visual and written manifestations like exhibitions and publications. Since 2011, Foundland’s focus shifted to the Middle East with special interest in Ghalia’s homeland, Syria. They gather observations from media, activist groups and social media trends of political expression, and grow an expanding database of visuals and information; history in the making. By drawing unexpected relations and connections, they create alternative narratives to media reporting through innovative image making and personal interpretation.

Ghalia Elsrakbi (born 1978, Damascus) completed a BA Graphic Design at ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunst, Arnhem, followed by a Masters in Design at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. In 2009, she followed a research postgraduate at Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. Since 2011, she has been involved with various activist groups promoting creative dissidence in Syria and since 2013 is based in Cairo, Egypt.

Lauren Alexander (born 1983, Cape Town) completed a BA Graphic Design at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa, followed by a Masters in Design at the Sandberg Institute. In 2009 she pursued an MFA at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. She is member of the tutoring staff at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague.

Foundland has presented exhibitions and festivals at Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, 2012; Impakt Festival, Utrecht, 2011 and 2012; BAK, Utrecht, 2012; and Damascus Visual Arts Festival @ DEP, Istanbul, 2013.

Andrea Esswein

“Copygraphs” is the name Andrea Esswein calls the works of art she has been producing with the help of photocopiers since 1998. With the photocopier serving to capture the images she first copies each item with her subjects ranging from objects to animals. Esswein then creates a new work by making a large collage out of the separately photocopied pieces along a rectangular line. The interfaces and overlaps between the individual pieces remain visible after the ensuing process. Esswien is interested in the construction of a new reality far from people’s usual viewing habits. The stark contrasts produced by the copying process and the following manufacturing techniques cause Esswein’s objects to emerge from beneath a layer of gloss paint and synthetic resin. They appear three-dimensional darkness and hold a kind of sanctity.

Andrea Esswein (born 1969 in southern Germany) graduated from the Institute of Arts and Science of Art, University Landau, Germany and studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria. Shows include Reflexion – Ästhetische Referenzen, Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Germany; Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden; Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern; Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen; Angehaltene Zeit. Bilder vom Tanz, touring exhibition of Goethe-Institut; C/O Galerie Berlin; Deutsches Tanzmuseum Cologne; Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Chile. Her work is represented in numerous public collections including Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and SK Stiftung Cologne. In 2006 she was artist in residence at Performing Arts Forum (PAF), France.