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Current Resident: Jan 1, 2019–Jun 30, 2019

Danish Arts Foundation

Studio #207


Jens Settergren

Jens Settergren is concerned with the production of collective imaginaries, contemporary mythologies, desire, and visual culture.  His works reflect how these subjects are expressed in images, objects, and language. Working individually and collectively, he explores correlations between technology, nature, escapism, and power. Lately his work has taken the form of immersive installations synthesizing different means of expression revolving around the notions of simulation and synesthesia – incorporating smell, temperature, sound, and color as a strategy to evoke various mental imagery.

Jens Settergren has exhibited work at die raum, Berlin; INCA Institute, Portland; and Kunsthal Aarhus, among others.

Studio #208


Fritjof Mangerich

Fritjof Mangerich is concerned with the relationship of the public realm of urban space, its sonic dimensions and the human body and its metabolisms. In his site responsive situations, he uses sound as a sculptural matter to fathom both the psychology of architecture and the physicality of perception.

Fritjof Mangerich has exhibited at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany; Salian Art Space, Lembang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia; and Kuenstlerforum Bonn, Germany, among others.

Current Resident: Apr 1, 2019–Jun 30, 2019

Fire Station - Qatar Museums

Studio #209


Sara Al Obaidly

Sara Al Obaidly is a portrait and documentary photographer from Doha, Qatar. Al Obaidly confronts contemporary political, philosophical and social issues by presenting intimate moments of human emotion through portraiture, while revealing intricacies of larger issues through her landscape compositions.

Sara Al Obaidly has exhibited work at the National Portrait Gallery, London; Moscow Manege; and Kraftwerk Berlin, among others.

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