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Current Resident: Jan 1, 2023–Mar 31, 2023

Jane Farver Memorial Fund

Studio #221


Anamaría Garzón Mantilla

Anamaría Garzón Mantilla is an art historian and curator. In addition to being a professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, she is a PhD student at the University of Essex and the director of post(s), an academic journal about art, media and culture. Her research focuses on artistic and curatorial practices that challenge hegemonic narratives and omissions in art history.

Anamaría Garzón Mantilla has curated exhibitions at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito; Arte Actual – FLACSO; and Khora, all in Ecuador.



Current Resident: Jan 1, 2023–Jun 30, 2023

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc.

Studio #302


Hellen Ascoli

Hellen Ascoli creates multidisciplinary works that weave through memory and sensation. Working primarily with a backstrap loom, Ascoli situates herself within concepts of proprioception, affordances, and translation.

Hellen Ascoli has exhibited works at Art Pace, Texas; Contemporary Art Center, Ohio; and La Nueva Fàbrica, Guatemala, among others.

Current Resident: Jul 1, 2022–Jun 30, 2023

Toby Devan Lewis

Studio #305


Sarah Tortora

Sarah Tortora draws inspiration from canonical sculptures, urban infrastructure, and museum display. Her work alternates between relational warmth and misidentification, and functions parallel to language to create intuitive replicas of archetypal objects. Tortora’s work conjures the psychic displacement necessary to comprehend the cultural displacement such archetypes can induce. The artist accepts the premise that every equestrian monument is truly a Trojan horse, and questions legacies of labor across geological time.

Sarah Tortora has exhibited work at Ulterior Gallery, New York; C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore; and NADA x Foreland, Catskill, among others.

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