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Current Resident: Jan 1, 2022–Mar 31, 2022

Vision Fund

Studio #204


Lizania Cruz

Lizania Cruz uses audience participation to investigate notions of being and belonging within the public sphere. Using objects such as books, zines, installations, happenings, video, and photography, she invites a diverse range of communities to co-create collaborative artworks. Through research, oral history, and active participants, the projects she develops aim to highlight pluralistic narratives about migration and race.

Lizania Cruz has exhibited work at Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts, Omaha; El Museo del Barrio and CUE Art Foundation, both New York City, among others.

Current Resident: Dec 1, 2021–May 31, 2022

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc.

Studio #205


Ignacio Gonzalez-Lang

Ignacio Gonzalez-Lang creates multi-media sculptures and installations that explore the absurdity and violence inherent in both human nature and identity construction. The artist’s own Puerto Rican background, along with the historical and material culture of the Caribbean region, serve a prism through which he synthesizes ideas around race, nationality, tradition, and socioeconomics through visual representation.  

Ignacio Gonzalez-Lang has exhibited work at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, MoMA PS1, and El Museo del Barrio, all New York, among others.

Current Resident: Nov 1, 2021–Feb 28, 2022

Danish Arts Foundation

Studio #207


Silas Inoue

Silas Inoue’s practice is characterized by an idiosyncratic approach to nature and natural sciences, and a style he describes as Quasi-Asian in reference to he’s mixed Danish and Japanese heritage. He makes use of classic as well as less conventional materials, including sugar, cooking oil, mold and other living organisms. Combining intuitive methods with more analytic observations of the world, he creates works that are humorous, sensorial, and thought evoking. Interested in how different life forms are distributed, Inoue explores ideas around consumption/formation, ecological/economic growth, and connectedness between the species and the planetary.

Silas Inoue has exhibited work at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj, Denmark; Augustiana Kunsthal, Augustenborg, Denmark; and Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles, among others.

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