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Current Resident: Jul 1, 2022–Aug 31, 2022

International Visegrad Fund

Studio #302


Marta Krześlak

Marta Krześlak uses video, collage, electrical components and found material to create kinetic and spatial installations. Her work constructs landscapes from both memory and imagination, while experimenting with scale and kitsch to renegotiate decisions already made within discarded objects, pushing them into the realm of the absurd. By putting her work in motion, she provokes a choreography of movements between object and visitor, creating an ever-shifting frame of reference through which to view the universe.

Marta Krześlak has exhibited work at Zachęta National Gallery Project Room, Warsaw; Gdansk City Gallery; and Muzeum of Art, Łódź, among others.

Current Resident: Aug 1, 2022–Oct 31, 2022

Institut Français, Villa Albertine

Studio #303


Ittah Yoda

Ittah Yoda is a duo formed by Kai Yoda and Virgile Ittah. Ittah Yoda have developed their artistic identity through the use of digital technology, which has served as a channel for cross-cultural creative collaborations. Their work takes the form of large generative and performative installations. Through haptic experience, they attempt attempt a therapeutic approach to reframe ways of communicating and living together in the dawn of symbiocene.

Ittah Yoda has exhibited work at Rencontres d’Arles, France; Grand Palais Ephemere, Paris; and Frieze Cork Street, London, among others.

Current Resident: Jul 1, 2022–Aug 31, 2022

Danish Arts Foundation

Studio #304


Julie Stavad

Julie Stavad’s sculptures and installations engage the body while creating an associated interaction with the object through dramatic shifts in scale and material contrasts. By combining various sensory modalities, the artist attempts to create an interaction in which the quiet material speaks and verbal utterances take on tangible shape. 

Julie Stavad has exhibited work at Kunsthalle Seinäjoki, Finland; O-Overgaden, Denmark; Holstebro Kunstmuseum, Denmark; and Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark, among others.

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