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Past Resident
2022: Danish Arts Foundation

Tina Maria Nielsen

Tina Maria Nielsen works primarily with sculpture and installation, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources ranging from everyday objects to ancient sculpture. Nielsen attempts to reproduce our sense of values and views through her work, reflecting an interest in objects that have some sort of lost attention. She investigates the assigned relationship between an object and its meaning, as well as the process and psychological aspects inherent in relation to experience and presence in space as a body, using various materials and casting methods.

Tina Maria Nielsen has exhibited work at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art; Esbjerg Art Museum; and Horsens Art Museum, all in Denmark, among others.

Past Resident
2022: Institut Français, Villa Albertine

Ittah Yoda

Ittah Yoda is a duo formed by Kai Yoda and Virgile Ittah. Ittah Yoda have developed their artistic identity through the use of digital technology, which has served as a channel for cross-cultural creative collaborations. Their work takes the form of large generative and performative installations. Through haptic experience, they attempt attempt a therapeutic approach to reframe ways of communicating and living together in the dawn of symbiocene.

Ittah Yoda has exhibited work at Rencontres d’Arles, France; Grand Palais Ephemere, Paris; and Frieze Cork Street, London, among others.

Past Resident
2022: Danish Arts Foundation

Dina El Kaisy Friemuth

Dina El Kaisy Friemuth’s practice deconstructs the complexities of collectivity and belonging through curating, teaching, writing, and visual arts, frequently created in collaboration with other cultural workers. Her work focuses on creating environments that prioritize voices from the global South, as well as decolonial and institutional critique. Together with Anita Beikour and Neda Sanai, she co-founded the artist collectives FCNN (Feminist Collective with No Name) and D.N.A.

Dina El Kaisy Friemuth’s has exhibited work at 11 Berlin Biennale; Gasworks, London; and O-Overgaden, Copenhagen, among others.