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Mircea Nicolae

Mircea Nicolae has developed a body of work researching the economical and socio-political structure of Bucharest. Through anonymous interventions in public space, he reflects on the social consequences of consumption, urban legislation and architectural production. In his latest work, Nicolae investigates the urban identity of a city in constant cultural and economic shift either by bringing outside public space inside the museum, or through means of serial photography produced with the help of a large format camera.

Mircea Nicolae (born 1980) is based in Bucharest. He was awarded the Special Prize and the People’s Choice Prize at the Future Generation Art Prize in 2010. Recent group shows include Pink Caviar at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek and One Sixth of the Earth: Ecologies of Image at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, Leon. In 2011, he exhibited during the 54th Venice Biennial.

Past Resident
2013: Foundation for a Civil Society

Miran Blažek

Miran Blažek builds his work as recorded time of the constant quest for the meaning of the ordinary things we interact with in everyday life in order to build personal, emotional and mental caches of images. In his work there is a series of symbols which constitutes an open story where the words do not meet the needs of visual representation. His works function through traces which indicate that they derived from painting. 

Born in 1983 in Osijek, Croatia, Miran Blažek graduated with a BA from the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb in 2006 and completed his postgraduate studies in 2012 at Fine Arts Academy, Ljubljana. Since 2011 he has served as an external assistant in drawing classes at the Art Academy in Osijek. His selected soho exhibitions include Monochrome, Waldinger Gallery, Osijek, Whirlpool, CEKAO Gallery, Zagreb and Whirlpool the lost paintings at Kazamat Gallery, Osijek. Selected group exhibitions include T-THTaward@MSU, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagheb; Tu smo 3 (We are here 3) at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Pula; Radoslav Putar Award, Finals at Galzenica Gallery, Velika Gorica; Osijek-Pecuch/Eszek-Pecs, Nador Gallery, Pecs; Meeting point, Arab; The Essl Art Award, Glyptotheque, Zagreb and FONA, Kortil Gallery Rijeka.


Past Resident
2013: Foundation for a Civil Society

Mark Ther

“(Mark) Ther’s videos – incredibly short, cinematic, hilarious, and confusing – have concerned themselves with the enunciation of a definitive style, a style that is marked by the joyful revivification of a camp aesthetic that is as sophisticated as it is playful, as well as a flippant sense of humor that has its roots in Eastern European absurdism. What distinguishes Ther’s work from that of other contemporary Czech artists is its fearless exploration of sexuality and transgenderism, topics that he manages to engage in without politicizing his commitment. Unlike most video artists belonging to his generation, Ther experiments with narrative in all of his videos; his is a liberated – and liberating – approach, one that isn’t blinded by the conceits of age. Although they frequently, through music and visuals, hearken back to the 1980s, perhaps the kitschiest decade yet, there’s something timeless in so many of these pieces that make them work so well in the here and now.” -Travis Jeppeson