Past Residents

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Niko Luoma

Niko Luoma experiments with photographic abstraction through his approach of multiple exposures on the same negative by using light as a raw material. He pushes the parameters of how we perceive, think and use the photographic experience to create a new visual language. His work has contributed to innovations in analogue photography.

Niko Luoma has exhibited at Gallery Bryce Wolkowitz, New York; Gallery Taik Persons, Berlin; and Nikolaus Ruzicska Gallery, Salzburg, among others. He is a senior lecturer at Aalto University in Finland. 

Benjamin Hirte

Benjamin Hirte uses a combination of objects and text within his works to examine themes of semiotics, slang, and metaphor within cultural histories.

Benjamin Hirte has exhibited work at Museum für moderne Kunst, Frankfurt; Museo Canonica, Villa Borghese, Rome; and Leopold Museum, Vienna, among others.