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Līga Spunde

Līga Spunde creates multimedia installations that intertwine personal stories with deliberate fiction. The work’s content determines it’s physical form, prompting the artist to a variety of media and materials in her installations. Her own experiences are expanded through the interpretation and utilization of recognizable characters. Spunde’s art can be found in public and private collections around Europe.

Līga Spunde has exhibited work at Tuesday to Friday Gallery, Spain; Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Latvia; and Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Latvia, among others.



Simon Baumgart

Simon Baumgart’s work explores the conflicting relationship between our bodies and their images. He analyzes how the conceptions of self, soul, and identity oscillate between intimacy and opacity, and familiarity and strangeness through mediums such as sculpture, painting, and tattoo.

Simon Baumgart has exhibited work at Galerie Paul Scherzer, Germany; Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, Kyrgyzstan; and fructa space, Germany, among others.

Past Resident
2023: Arts Council of Ireland

Celina Muldoon

Celina Muldoon is a multidisciplinary artist that uses live performance, film, and installation to investigate identity and the relationships between sociopolitical structures and the body. Muldoon explores live performance methodologies in response to site and content through collaborative processes and uses satire and humor to create uncertainty in her live performances, which often rely on audience engagement and interaction.

Celina Muldoon has exhibited work at The Dock; R.H.A. Gallery; and Live Collision, Project Arts Center, all in Ireland, among others.