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Tania Candiani

Tania Candiani was born in Mexico City in 1974. Her work is a reflection about contemporary aesthetic patterns. She is interested in producing objects or images which represent the perception of contemporary urban spaces and their rituals. Beyond a specific remark on the body, her approach explores the emotional state of a person or social group and its context and simultaneously proposes research on materials and techniques.  At the moment, Candiani is developing a project of urban interventions where textiles, architectural design and the experiences of the people whom she works with become the detonators of the artwork. ‘I believe the circumstance, the process, and the documentation are the most important tools for dialogue.’  Between her most recent projects are Otros paseos, Otras historias, Mexico City, Mexico; Kaunas Grafiti, Textile 09, Lithuania; Refranes, Centro Cultural España, México.

Szabolcs KissPál

‘What is reality? What can it be, and to what extent can we trust sensations influenced and steered by multimedia? In search of answers, KissPál playfully arranges experimental models which are impressive in their perfection and both cool and poetic. They combine attractively low and high technology with objects or actions, which are cautiously and subtly emotional and at first look like technical games. KissPál often refers through his works to technology or the history of culture.’ (Petra Stegmann)

Szabolcs KissPál works in various media from photography to video, from installation to objects and conceptual interventions. However, the medium he utilizes the most is the video. His main field of interest is the intersection of visual arts and new media, developing a critical approach towards both fields and combined to an interest in their social aspect.

Szabolcs KissPál was born 1967 in Romania. After graduating with an MA degree from the Academy of Fine Arts Cluj, Romania, KissPál moved to Hungary where he obtained a DLA (PhD) in 2007 from the University of Fine Arts in Budapest, where he currently teaches (Intermedia Department). His work has been widely exhibited including at the following: Kunsthalle Budapest, Hungary; apexart, New York; Venice Biennial, Italy; Stedelijk Museum,Amsterdam; International Media Art Biennale, Seoul, South Korea. His installations and videos can be found in the collections of the Ludwig Contemporary Museum Budapest, Hungary; the National Musem for Contemporary Art Bucharest, Romania and the Kaddist Art Foundation Paris, France.

Jakub Hosek

Jakub Hosek draws upon a wide range of influences to construct his paintings. Made using acrylic paint applied meticulously onto the canvas though hand-cut masking tape stencils, Hosek’s paintings have been described as being illustrative, appearing to describe a complex narrative in a single comic-strip-like frame. It is precisely this spirit of post-teenage Pop which defines Hosek’s strong colors. The texts incorporated within his paintings are drawn predominantly from the contemporary post and punk-rock music that he listens to.

Born 1979 in Prague, Jakub Hosek lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.