August 13, 2013

Curating Pacific Spaces: Recent Developments in Contemporary Art from the South Pacific

On August 13th, the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) presents the panel Curating Pacific Spaces: Recent Developments in Contemporary Art from the South Pacific. New Zealand is home to one of the largest populations of Pacific people in the world, however Indigenous Pacific artists and curators have, until recently, rarely been featured in the art history of this nation. Today a new generation of indigenous artists endeavor to have their contribution to the contemporary art scene of the South Pacific fully recognized.

Curators of contemporary Māori and Pacific Islander art, Reuben Friend and Shelley Jahnke, will present their findings on recent developments in contemporary Pacific Art, from trends in the private gallery scene to the latest generation of emerging millennial artists. Reuben Friend’s findings highlight the types of contemporary Pacific Art currently being exhibited in public galleries in New Zealand and how these works translate to an international audience. Shelley Jahnke’s research examines the dynamics of selling and positioning contemporary Māori and Pacific Art within New Zealand and international markets.

Reuben Friend is an artist and curator of Māori and Pākehā lineage. From 2009-2013, he worked as the Curator of Māori and Pacific Arts at City Gallery and recently relocated to Brisbane where he works as the Exhibition Manager at Logan Art Gallery while developing contemporary Pacific art projects on a freelance basis.

Shelley Jahnke is a Māori curator with experience working within public and commercial galleries in New Zealand. Prior to taking up the role of curator, at Te Manawa Art Gallery, Palmerston North, she worked exclusively for an Asian-based private international art collector and contributed to the curation and project management of the international touring show Roundabout. This ambitious three year project debuted at the City Gallery, Wellington in late 2010 and later the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2012.

The presentation will be facilitated by ISCP artist-in-residence Shigeyuki Kihara. 

August 6, 2013

Salon: Mojé Assefjah and Yang Yeung

Mojé Assefjah will discuss her interest in uncovering landscapes in her work. By applying multiple thin layers using the almost-forgotten egg tempera technique and India ink, the artist produces color effects that evoke Italian frescoes of the early Renaissance.

Yang Yeung will discuss her tri-fold practice: running the non-profit organization Soundpocket, independent curating and editing and independent publishing for artists. 

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July 24–August 23, 2013

Brian Duggan: We like it up here, it's windy, really nice.

ISCP presents We like it up here, it’s windy, really nice. by Dublin-based artist Brian Duggan. 

We like it up here, it’s windy, really nice. features a new installation specifically created for the ISCP gallery space inspired by methods of crowd control in Indonesia. In 2012, state-owned railway company PT Kereta Api introduced a new deterrent to stop people from riding on the roofs of trains on their overcrowded network. After other efforts had failed, they decided to introduce concrete balls hanging as hazard barriers, to knock passengers off the roof of the trains.

The installation intends to present a situation that actively engages viewers in the dichotomy between governing systems and how people respond and navigate powers placed in their way.  Duggan’s mock up train roof allows participants to walk in the center of the gallery and see it from a new perspective. Central to the project is the roof riders response to the new life threatening hazard. 

“I was really scared when I first heard about these balls,” said Mulyanto, a 27-year-old shopkeeper, who rides between his hometown of Bogor and Jakarta almost every day for work. “It sounds like it could be really dangerous.”
“But I don’t think it’ll last long,” he said. “They’ve tried everything to keep us from riding … in the end we always win.”
“We like it up there, it’s windy, really nice.”


Opening Reception: Jul 24, 2013, 6-8pm
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