April 10, 2012

Salon: Sandra Dukic & Boris Glamocanin & Marko Markovic

Artist collective Sandra Dukic & Boris Glamocanin will present their project LJubija Kills, a long-term installation and intervention. The artists use the town of Ljubija, Bosnia to focus on social activism through art and society’s use of the lives of its citizens as unwanted waste. Ljubija Kills emerged from their participation in activist and humanitarian work with women in the local community.

Marko Markovic will present his recent project, American Spring, focusing on the Occupy Wall Street movement happening in the United States. This work looks at the movement and its actors. Markovic will show his video work profiling actions and performances during the six-month anniversary of the Occupy movement in Zuccotti Park and Union Square in New York City.

March 27, 2012

Salon: Mono Schwarz-Kogelnik & Patrick Tuttofuoco

Mono Schwarz-Kogelnik will discuss his X90 drawing series. The X90 Project is a series of 450 works on paper executed over 16 months. The works are conceived of as five sets of 90 works, with each of the 90 being a variation of the same image. The source image is a microscopic enlargement of paper fibers, allowing the works to be considered drawings of drawings. The 90 variations of the image are a reference to enlargement factors, such as X90, typically found below reproductions of photomicrograms. The microscopic view is an allusion to a kind of extreme focus on the materiality of art objects, literally taking this materiality as its subject. By showing the content of the works rendered in subjectively similar versions, the question of objective representation of imagery is also raised.

Patrick Tuttofuoco will present on his recent work and time spent at ISCP. He will focus on the close relationship that exists between humans and the urban landscape. Tuttofuoco will analyze this relationship through a selection of his works to create a dialogue with the audience. His work creates innovative imagined structures, architectural assemblages, films and animations motivated by the urban environment as a site of constant transformation.

March 13, 2012

The Meeting: On the life and work of Karl Spork

Panel Discussion with Fran Bartkowski (writer), Diana Shpungin (artist) and Annette Südbeck (Curator, Secession, Vienna), moderated by Nick Kline

The Meeting is an event in honor of the life and work of the late Karl Spork, who was an ISCP resident in 2000, sponsored by BMUKK, Vienna. The Meeting is an exhibition and panel discussion organized by artists Nick Kline and Monika Wuhrer.

The title of the exhibition is based on The Meeting, a work from 2000 by Spork. This 63-second video is essentially a conversation between Spork and the great Northern Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer. Set in a darkened room, each sits in a separate chair with their back to the camera facing a television; the video depicts Spork’s animation of Durer’s anatomical figure stud­ies. Reminiscent of a psychotherapy session, there is a long period of silence until Durer praises the artist on his manipulation by saying, “I like it” to which Spork responds, “I am glad you like it, Albrecht.”

This exhibition brings together numerous international artists and curators reflecting the intensity of Karl Spork’s life, especially as seen through his work.

Artists: Margrethe Aanestaad, Lene Ask, Jane Benson, Songul Boyraz, Caterina Czepek, Tomas Eller, Gerald Freimuth, Andi Gut, Peter Holl, Christoph Girardet, Christopher Ho, Nick Kline, Else Leirvik, James Leonard, Michael Lobgesang, Ole Martin Lund Bo, Josh Mueller, Marcus Langender, Stefan Olah, Hans Schabus, Diana Shpungin, Karl Spork, and Monika Wuhrer.

Catalog: Schlebrugge, publisher (forthcoming) including texts by Ute Meta Bauer, Andreas Stadler, Annette Sudbeck and Kristina Tieke.

Supporters: Austrian Cultural Forum, Open Source Gallery, Der Kommissar