May 18, 2010

Salon: Krüger & Pardeller (Austria)

The objects of Krüger & Pardeller are perceived as constructive sculptures, architectural fragments or design objects. Due to tangible experience and deliberate ambiguity, viewers are encouraged to discover their own classifications and define the criteria for such distinctions consciously. Forms of presentation are questioned and the abstract, modular form is adopted as an interactive tool. Kruger & Pardeller are also curators and editors of Twilight Zone: Art Hits Design, and Undisciplined: The Phenomenon of Space in Art, Architecture and Design, Vienna/New York, 2008/2009.

Participating Residents

May 7–May 16, 2010

Studio B-Last

A studio visit offers the opportunity for a direct engagement between artists and their audiences, usually through conversation. A studio event oscillates between the intentional and the incidental, production and exhibition, spectatorship and participation. These dual aspects are implied in the performative series by Clifford Owens entitled Studio Visits (2004–2005), in which he interacted with other artists, lending his body as conduit for the transference of mutually informing incentives. Photographs and videos of these actions, rather than document performances, testify to momentous correspondences between conception and reception. On the other hand, as studio practice increasingly unfolds in time rather than space, it acquires historicity via documentation. Archival selections from the exhibitions Let the Artist Live! (1994) and The Studio Visit (2006), organized by Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo at Exit Art, provide context for Owens’s work in the exhibition curated by Sandra Skurvida.

What would be the raison d’être of a studio visit if concrete exchanges of goods and services were taken out of the equation? Reciprocal exchange sets off a relay of autonomous practice and its conversion into a common value. In a studio conversation, artwork is regarded from the dual perspective of intention and reception; multiple conversations comprise a shared discourse produced in the translation from visual to verbal language. How are curatorial and critical concepts shaped by conversations with artists while looking at their work? How are artists’ intentions received and modified by curators, critics, and other producers? How do these mutual translations convey different cultural and political contexts, and how are these contexts reflected in conveyance? How does work get put into words? Questions of communication, feedback, and translation that arise via a studio visit will be discussed at a roundtable with ISCP resident artists and invited guest speakers, including Claudia Cannizzaro, Ana Paula Cohen, Clifford Owens, and Jovana Stokic.

STUDIO B-LAST was part of the May 2010 Open Studios.

STUDIO B-LAST was supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Opening Reception: May 07, 2010

Open Studios
May 7–May 16, 2010

Spring Open Studios 2010, 15th anniversary

Participating artists:

Daniel Barrow (Canada), Simone Bergantini (Italy), Alberto Borea (Peru), Tatjana Busch (Germany), Stefano Cagol (Italy), Ana Čigon (Slovenia), Ben Dierckx (Belgium), Anindita Dutta (India), FOS (Denmark), Chia-Wei Hsu (Taiwan), Rodrigo Imaz (Mexico), Carlos Irijalba (Spain), Claudia Kapp (Germany), Iris Kensmil (The Netherlands), Mie Olise (Denmark), Krüger & Pardeller (Austria), Lars Laumann (Norway), Edgar Leciejewski (Germany), Sang Hyun Lee (South Korea), Richard Lewer (New Zealand), Traude Linhardt (Germany), Ho-Jang Liu (Taiwan), Federico Maddalozzo (Italy), Monika Marklinger (Sweden), Renzo Martens (The Netherlands), Judy Millar (New Zealand), MIOON (South Korea), Yoshihito Mizuuchi (Japan), Maryam Najd (Belgium), Rose Nolan (Australia), Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak (Slovenia), Valerio Rocco Orlando (Italy), Gaël Peltier (France), Seung-Wook Sim (South Korea), Irena Sladoje (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Silke Trekel (Germany), Claudia Ulisses (Portugal)

A special, 15th anniversary edition of Open Studios, this ten-day event celebrates the work of the 41 artists and artist groups currently in residence at ISCP with daily screenings.

Additionally, the public is invited to STUDIO B-LAST a three-part project organized by independent curator Sandra Skurvida evolving around the encounters that take place in a specific time – studio time. A studio visit offers a possibility to experience artwork – or a performance of work by an artist. The first part of the project consists of an ongoing exhibition in ISCP’s gallery spaces where invited artist Clifford Owens will collaborate with ISCP residents to create new performances, informed by his earlier series ‘Studio Visits’ and ‘Photographs with an Audience’. Finally, STUDIO B-LAST is hosting a roundtable conference that is free and open to the public with Claudia Canizzaro, Ana Paula Cohen, Clifford Owens, and Jovana Stokic.


Friday, May 7
Valerio Rocco Orlando, Nendorf (The Damaged Piano), 2008, 2-channel video installation, 10.32 min.

Tuesday, May 11
Sang Hyun Lee , Symphony No. 9 Dream Wonder in Peach Blossom Paradise (2009), 13 min.
Irena Sladoje, Home, 2010, 2.11 min.
Lars Laumann, Morrissey Foretelling the Death of Diana, 2006, 15 min.
Anindita Dutta, Limitation II, 2005, 3.31 min.

Wednesday, May 12
Valerio Rocco Orlando, EVA, 2004, 7.34 min.
Ana Cigon, Discovery Beyond The Transparency, 2009, 3.40 min.
Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak, Shund, 2008, 3 min.
Chia-Wei Hsu, March 14, Hong Kong Coliseum, 2009, 8 min.
Gaël Peltier, pre-, 2003, 11 min.

Thursday, May 13
Carlos Irijalba, Twilight, 2008, 13 min.
Claudia Ulisses, Utopia, Mod. 273/99, 1999, 4.26 min.

Ben Dierkcx, Eyestroll 2, 2008 – ongoing, 10 min.
Mie Olise, Into The Pyramid, Inhabiting Abandoned Spaces, 2008, 5.48 min.

ISCP thanks the following contributors for their generous support:

American Australian Association, NYC; Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC; Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, NYC; Consulate General of the Netherlands, NYC; Cultural Services of the French Embassy, NYC; Duvel, Inc, NYC; Embassy of Australia, DC; Italian Cultural Institute, NYC; Honorary Consulate of Sweden, NYC; John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks, NJ; Korean Cultural Service, NYC; Mexican Cultural Institute, NYC; Netherlands Consulate General, NYC; New Zealand Consulate General, NYC; Royal Danish Consulate General, NYC; Taipei Cultural Center, NYC; The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; Tom Cat Bakery, Inc., NYC; Les Trois Petits Cochons, Inc., NYC; William Talbott Hillman Foundation, PA