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Stefano Cagol

Stefano Cagol studied in Bern, Milan and Toronto. He lives and works in Italy and Brussels. Recently, Cagol presented the solo project 11 settembre simultaneously at MART Museum in Rovereto, Italy, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Austria, and ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany (2009), the public art installation Flu Power Flu at Beursschouwburg Art Center, Brussels (permanent exhibit since 2007) and a satellite event at Singapore Biennale (2006). Through videos, photographs, installations and actions Cagol touches upon socio-political themes, pointing to the contradiction between beliefs and influences.

Stefano Cagol was part of There Is No Flag Large Enough, a collaborative project with Alberto Borea and Maryam Najd.

Krüger & Pardeller

The objects of Krüger & Pardeller are perceived as constructive sculptures, architectural fragments or design objects. Due to tangible experience and deliberate ambiguity, viewers are encouraged to discover their own classifications and define the criteria for such distinctions consciously. Forms of presentation are questioned and the abstract, modular form is adopted as an interactive tool. Kruger & Pardeller are also curators and editors of Twilight Zone: Art Hits Design, and Undisciplined: The Phenomenon of Space in Art, Architecture and Design, Vienna/New York, 2008/2009.

Past Resident
2010: Gobierno de Navarra

Carlos Irijalba

Carlos Irijalba studied fine arts at the University of the Basque Country and UDK Berlin. His work analyzes the way in which Western culture constructs a circuit of the real that loses all outside references and becomes entirely self-contained. Major themes are the society of the spectacle, the insignificance, the noise and the general conformity on contemporary culture. In his recent works Twilight (2008-9) and Unwilling Spectator (2009-10), Irijalba plays out the gap between relative time and space and the subjective experienced reality.