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Past Resident
2021: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Yi Kuo

Yi Kuo is an interdisciplinary developer and media artist. His works are often a combination of different media, including virtual reality, multiplayer gaming, audio-visual performances, installations, and theater space. He builds system structures to connect layers of spaces and forms of bodies, and seeks dialectic perspective between mythological and technological narratives. Kuo is the co-Founder/Director of the new media art group NAXS Corp.

Yi Kuo has exhibited work at Ars Electronica Center, Linz; transmediale, Berlin; and Unsound Festival, Warsaw, among others.

Past Resident
2021: Artis

Assaf Evron

Assaf Evron is an artist and a photographer based in Chicago. His work investigates the nature of vision and the ways in which it reflects in socially constructed structures. He applies photographic thinking in various two and three-dimensional media. Evron questions the construction of individual and collective identities, immigration of people, ideas, images, and representations of democracy.

Assaf Evron has exhibited work at Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago; Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas; and The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, among others.

Anaïs Horn

Anaïs Horn lives and works in Paris and Vienna. In her practice she often interweaves literature/text and photography/video, exploring moments of intimacy with a special interest in topics such as liminality and coming-of-age. She observes people and their spaces, gently crossing borders, opening up the private and making intimacy a sensual experience. In the process, she investigates time, memories, transience, the body and its traces, the cautious intrusion of privacy, and the aesthetics of reality and fugacity. The artist book is an important medium for her work: her photo books Fading (DCV, Berlin), Je suis malheureuse et heureuse (Meta/Books, Amsterdam) and How do you feel about “Lou”? (in collaboration with Eilert Asmervik, Meta/Books) are published in 2020.

Anaïs Horn has exhibited work at MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna; Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; and Neue Galerie Institution, Graz, among others.