Past Residents

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Pascale Birchler

Pascale Birchler creates theatrical installations that form a multi-layered system of visual connotations. Her work explores the embodiment of loneliness and stalemate, as well as the contemporary status quo.

Pascale Birchler has exhibited work at Istituto Svizzero, Rome; UCCA Edge, Shanghai; and Gallery Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, among others.

Christian Schwarzwald

Christian Schwarzwald works primarily with drawing, which he regards as an all-encompassing and unrestricted medium. Schwarzwald creates installations that envelop the audience by combining architecture, plants, objects, faces, and patterns, among other things. He develops an encyclopedic world of drawing using an analytical approach that confronts and analyzes our contemporary society.

Christian Schwarzwald has exhibited work at MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna; MUCA Roma, Mexico City; and Museum für Gegenwart Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, among others.

Aileen Murphy

Aileen Murphy creates paintings that convey corporeal and psychological tenacity. Murphy employs painting as an artistic process in which color and motion are living wires.

Aileen Murphy has exhibited work at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin; Deborah Schamoni, Munich; and Amanda Wilkinson, London, among others.