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Past Resident
2014: Kunststiftung NRW

Jugoslav Mitevski

Jugoslav Mitevski’s process undergoes constant modification. His colors, lines and shapes partially comply with mathematical methods, which seem to refer to impartial systems, but intuitive decisions serve an equally important role. He does not establish rules he obeys dogmatically, rather Mitevski formulates tendencies. For Mitevski, the actual painting takes place beside the studio in everyday life, out of experience and observation, the theory, the imbalance of one’s own mentality and the external context: painting as document rather than image.

Jugoslav Mitevski (born 1978) received his BFA from Braunschweig University of Art in 2008. His selected exhibitions include High Wire, Petra Rinck Gallery, Dusseldorf, 2014; Editions, Bonner Kunstverein, 2013; 15:21, Polistar, Istanbul, 2012; Retrograd, Zero Fold, Cologne, 2012; and Editions, Koelnischer Kunstverein, 2012. Mitevski has received awards including the Kunstfonds Scholarship, 2013; Public Art Award, Siegburg, 2012; and the Raimund Lehmkul Award, 2010.

Past Resident
2014: A.F.I.S.

Gabriele Picco

In his paintings, Gabriele Picco uses every day items in order to explore the relationship between art and ordinary life. His works playfully interact with material, modern art masters, literature and society, but his work is always anchored in the present. His recent paintings are made with Brillo pads, dust, leftovers of We buy gold stores, and a moka coffee maker, stretching the  boundaries between painting, sculpture and performance.

Gabriele Picco’s (born 1974, Brescia) works have been featured in various exhibitions all across Europe, Asia and United States, among them the Prague Biennale; the Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Shanghai; Fondazione Re Rebaudengo, Turin and Temp Art Space, New York. Picco has been awarded the Michetti Prize for European painting and the New York Prize. His work is also included in collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; The The Robert Lehman Foundation; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Monfalcone and The Montblanc Collection, Hamburg. He is also a writer, with two novels published in Italy, Spain, Portugal and South America. Picco currently lives between Italy and New York.

Alexander Thomas Schmidt

Alexander Schmidt works across many different mediums including drawing, object, sound, printing and painting. His work is influenced by the music he hears, as well as objects that reference his childhood building small worlds with bricks and Lego. 
Alexander Thomas Schmidt (born 1982, Halle) completed his studies in Graphic Design in 2011 including an exchange program in Lucerne. His work occupies the margins between graphic design and art. Schmidt is part of the artist/design group ZYKLOP.