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Current Resident: Apr 1, 2024–Jun 30, 2024

DOOSAN Art Center

Studio #216


Winter Gyeoul Kim

Winter Gyeoul Kim uses painting to explore what’s visible in our world and to imagine connections with what’s invisible. She questions how our world, beyond just its surface appearance, relates to the world beyond. Recently, she’s been intrigued by the uniqueness that individuals acquire through the language of translation and handwriting.

Winter Gyeoul Kim has exhibited work at project space SARUBIA; HITE Collection; and SPACE SO, all in Seoul, among others.

Studio #217


Raffaela Naldi Rossano

Raffaela Naldi Rossano is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores a wide range of media, including installation, video, sculpture, text, drawings and performance. Her artworks are research-driven and process-based, intended as relational vehicles that seek to trigger new possible relationships, both psychological and socio-political, between spaces, bodies and objects. The Mediterranean area, starting from her hometown Napoli, stands at the epicenter of her practice.

Raffaela Naldi Rossano has exhibited works at Swiss Istitute, Milan; TBA21 Academy, Venice; and Kunst Institute, Basel, among others.

Studio #218


Sarah Bechter

Sarah Bechter explores the complexities of painting, blurring the lines between the private and the public, and challenging surface norms. Her canvases go beyond mere projection surfaces, sparking discourse among themselves. Employing a wide range of techniques and references, Bechter questions the validity of her creations. She engages viewers by hinting protagonists and objects, evoking a mysterious and dream-like atmosphere.

Sarah Bechter has exhibited work at Belvedere 21; Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen; Kuenstlerhaus Bregenz, all in Austria, among others.

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