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Sarah Zapata

Sarah Zapata is a Brooklyn-based artist and writer. Through large-scale handmade textiles, her practice explores themes of tradition, architecture, and queerness, using cloth to adorn the space to direct the body. Invoking an imagined sense of time, her site-specific works reflect her intersecting identities as a queer woman of Peruvian heritage raised in Evangelical South Texas and now based in New York.

Sarah Zapata has exhibited work at ASU Art Museum, Arizona; Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Missouri; and Barbican Centre, London, among others.

Past Residencies

Hong Seon Jang

Originally from South Korea and now based in the United States, Hong Seon Jang’s art reflects his dual cultural identity, delving into social, cultural, and political themes. His work examines how personal history shapes cultural subjectivity, exploring the dynamics of authority, subordination, and nationhood within democratic contexts. Jang reimagines ordinary objects to evoke diverse interpretations and challenge conventional meanings, offering new perspectives on significance and functionality.

Hong Seon Jang has exhibited work at CR Collective, Seoul; Socrates Sculpture Park, New York; and Wellin Museum of Art, New York, among others.

Sujin Lim

Sujin Lim’s art practice involves research and creating site-specific installations that transform actual locations into surreal images. These metaphorical practices offer an alternative reality for situations that seem impossible to change. She aims to reveal the potential of each space, momentarily shifting them from dark to bright, broken to restored, or lifeless to lively. Lim presents herself as a performer, embodying a single character with limited physical and political resources, to bring these transformative desires to life.

Sujin Lim has exhibited work at Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea; Museum of Moscow, Russia; and MARCO Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Argentina, among others.

Past Residents

Residents Map