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Sebastian Burger

Sebastian Burger explores themes around the integrity of the human body, its physicality and the construction of identity through materiality, texture, and surface. He creates paintings that look back at their observers with delicate gradients as well harsh shapes and colors.

Sebastian Burger has exhibited work at Kunstverein Leipzig; Platform Stockholm; and Gateway Center for Contemporary Art, Brest, France, among others.

Past Resident
2020: ISCP ​Alumni Fund

Humberto Duque

Humberto Duque is a multidisciplinary artist working with a wide range of media. His projects bring forth unexpected situations around language, pop-culture, and identity.

Humberto Duque has exhibited work at Busan Biennale, South Korea; Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art; and Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, among others.

Past Resident
2020: National Endowment for the Arts

Demian DinéYazhi´

Demian DinéYazhi´ is an Indigenous Diné transdisciplinary artist, poet, and curator born to the clans Naasht’ézhí Tábąąhá and Tódích’íí’nii. DinéYazhi´ highlights the intersections of Radical Indigenous Queer Feminist identity and political ideology while challenging the white noise of contemporary art. DinéYazhi´ is the founder of the Indigenous artist/activist initiative, R.I.S.E.: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment.

Demian DinéYazhi´has exhibited work at the Biennale of Sydney; Honolulu Biennial; and Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, among others.