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Current Resident: Apr 1, 2019–Jun 30, 2019

Fire Station - Qatar Museums

Studio #209


Sara Al Obaidly

Sara Al Obaidly is a portrait and documentary photographer from Doha, Qatar. Al Obaidly confronts contemporary political, philosophical and social issues by presenting intimate moments of human emotion through portraiture, while revealing intricacies of larger issues through her landscape compositions.

Sara Al Obaidly has exhibited work at the National Portrait Gallery, London; Moscow Manege; and Kraftwerk Berlin, among others.

Current Resident: Mar 1, 2019–Jul 31, 2019

Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Studio #210


Yi-Hsuan Lin

Yi-Hsuan Lin creates monumental installations of paintings as well as drawings on papers and canvas through meticulously constructed compositions that explore ideas of space and mobility.

Yi-Hsuan Lin is an artist from Taiwan based in São Paulo since 2009. He has exhibited work at Taipei Fine Arts Museum; Instituto Figueiredo Ferraz, Sao Paulo; and Morán Morán, Los Angeles, among others.

Current Resident: May 1, 2019–Jul 31, 2019

National Arts Council, Singapore

Studio #211


Stephanie Jane Burt

Stephanie Jane Burt’s practice lies between drawing, sculpture, and installation. Her work explores fictional narratives, often referencing film and feminist literature.

Stephanie Jane Burt has exhibited work at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Yeo Workshop and Mizuma Gallery, all Singapore, among others spaces.

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