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Past Resident
2023: Danish Arts Foundation

Julian Juhlin

Julian Juhlin creates theatrical visual art using staging techniques he learned while working as a stage designer, establishing a distinct iconography in the artist’s practice. In his works, Juhlin stages figures and objects derived from his own experience, placing them in visual scenes frozen in time in an attempt to maintain and preserve specific stages of life.

Julian Juhlin has exhibited work at Copenhagen Contemporary, Denmark; Prague Quadrennial, Czech Republic; and Royal Danish Theatre, Denmark, among others.

Past Resident

Iria Vrettou

Iria Vrettou’s practice focuses on concepts and modes of hybridity as research and practice methods, while also addressing aspects of hand-drawn animation in relation to larger cinematic and performative practices. Her research focuses on environmental and social issues, as well as the function of the ‘screen’ in the context of cultural production and political processes. She also investigates the creation of art works that can function as disquieting, complete spatiotemporal experiences.

Iria Vrettou has exhibited work at Onassis Stegi, Athens; CYLINDER gallery, Seoul; ERGO Collective, Athens; and Space 52, Athens, among others.

Anaïs Horn

Anaïs Horn’s work intertwines literature, text, photography, video, drawing and painting to explore intimate moments. With a focus on liminality and coming-of-age, Horn observes people and their spaces. In her artistic process, she investigates time, memories, the body and its traces, the cautious intrusion of privacy, the aesthetics of reality, and fugacity. Her images take shape by exploring surfaces and objects, and they frequently unfold into spatial installations.

Anaïs Horn has exhibited work at Camera Austria, Graz; Paris Photo, Curiosa Section, Paris; and MAK-Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, among others.