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Past Resident
2015: Foundation for a Civil Society

Zoran Georgiev

Zoran Georgiev’s works refer to the cultural policies of present-day Macedonia and Bulgaria, where the necessity of creating new (post-1989) identities and rethinking the past are leading to new forms of nationalism and visions of society and community. Georgiev underlines the hollowness, the competitiveness and the kitsch in state policies aimed at the construction or restoration of monuments and museums. As if the symbolism of the “new” past is nothing more than the expensive décor for a Bollywood (or rather, a Balkan-wood) production. With simplified form and direct appeal his works “unmask” the kitsch in the visual language of populist nationalism through a kind of authentic and raw objectivity.

Zoran Georgiev (born in 1985 in Macedonia) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Georgiev graduated with an MA in Painting from the National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. His solo exhibitions include Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia; Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv; and 0GMS Gallery in a Drawer, Sofia. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions including Art for Change, Sofia City Art Gallery, 2015; Prehod For Sale, ICA Gallery, Sofia, 2014; Transcending Cultures, Essl Museum, Viena 2013-2014; Never Ending Story, Rakursi Gallery, Sofia, 2013; and Love, Rayko Alexiev Gallery, 2012. He has received awards including the ESSL Art Award CEE 2013 and the Young Visual Artists Award (BAZA), 2014.

Past Resident
2015: Livia Droege & Rolf Bixner

Isabelle Dyckerhoff

Isabelle Dyckerhoff’s work focuses on the expressive force of color and the effect it has when viewed. Dyckerhoff’s paintings arise out of the juxtaposition, overlaying and removal of colors. Each mark bears a direct relation to the one adjacent to, behind or on top of it as well as to the context of the composition as a whole. The tones become increasingly intense, creating dissonance or calm. Each color stands alone but ultimately is deemed effective through its interplay with those surrounding it.

Isabelle Dyckerhoff (born in Büderich, Germany) moved to Munich and worked as a journalist for over 20 years before she attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Recent solo shows include Colour matters, Gallery Michael Heufelder, Munich; and Farbräume, Gallery Berlin Art Scouts, Berlin. Group exhibitions include Viktor, Galerie Evelyn Drewes, Hamburg and Gallery Zweigstelle in Berlin; Meta 2, Gallery Zweigstelle, Berlin; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; Jahresgaben, Kunstverein München. Dyckerhoff is represented by Gallery Michael Heufelder, Munich and Brigitte Henninger Art, Seefeld/Munich.

Andrea Nacciarriti

 Andrea Nacciarriti addresses linguistic relationships between space and perceptions of it, social reality and anthropological contexts as well as historical interpretation and current events. At the root of Nacciarriti’s research – carried out through mechanisms that are despoiled of their function and unpredictably redesigned – lies an analysis of paradox.

Andrea Nacciarriti’s (born 1976, Ostra Vetere, Italy) work is included in both the Foundation Antoine de Galbert, Paris and La Gaia Collection, Italy. Recent solo exhibitions include Pescheria Foundation Visual Arts Center, Pesaro, Italy; Centre d’Art Bastille, Grenoble, France; and Franco Soffiantino Gallery, Torino. Nacciarriti has been included in group exhibitions at MACRO, Rome; La Maison Rouge, Paris; and Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains, France.