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Current Resident: Jul 1, 2018–Aug 31, 2018

College of Charleston

Studio #205


Susan Klein

Susan Klein’s work plays with the idea of American spirituality. She makes sculpture, paintings, and works on paper that repurpose religious and ritualistic imagery to serve a secular spiritualism that is part of contemporary American culture. Klein uses a specific system of symbols that shifts from funny and playful to commemorative and serious. The work references history, artifact, decoration, architecture, and pop culture.

Susan Klein has exhibited work at Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art – College of CharlestonCrossing Collective, New York City; and Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, among others.

Current Resident: Jul 1, 2018–Aug 31, 2018

ISCP ​Alumni Fund

Studio #206


Jacqueline Doyen

Doyen’s sculptures are sort of prosthesis, extensions of the body which allow its transformation into a picture. Her work always revolves around the question of “what happens when a picture is created?” In contrast to the tableau vivant, in which dead pictures are reenacted by living bodies, Doyen does not simply transfer the frozen temporal image back into corporeality, but instead she sets in motion a complex process of pictorial genesis between present and absent bodies, previous and subsequent images, sculptures and poses. (Excerpt Ute Stuffer from From the Pose to the Picture: Thoughts upon the Works of Jacqueline Doyen, exhibition catalogue, Kunstverein Hannover, 2009)

Jacqueline Doyen (born 1978, Nice, France) graduated from Nice’s Villa Arson in 2002 and from the HBK Braunschweig, Germany in 2005. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Doyen has exhibited work at MARTa Herford, Germany; EVA International Biennial, Limerick, Ireland; and Gammel Holtegård, Holte, Copenhagen, among others.

Current Resident: Jul 1, 2018–Dec 31, 2018

Danish Arts Foundation

Studio #207


Stine Marie Jacobsen

Stine Marie Jacobsen is a conceptual artist working to decode violence and law through participatory means. To give participants a collaborative and dialogical space, Jacobsen creates open structured sociocultural and participatory projects with clearly defined themes, with a focus on film, language, gender, violence, death, taboos, anonymity, and psychology. The artist conducts performative experiments, and creates platforms for critical thinking and new ways of looking at ethics, identity, control, fear and trust.

Stine Marie Jacobsen has exhibited work at Riga Biennial, Latvia; Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark; and Momentum Biennial, Moss, Norway, among others. She is the recipient of Node Center for Curatorial Studies Innovators Grant and the Berlin Art Prize 2016.

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