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Studio #210


Liz Nowell

Liz Nowell is a curator and cultural leader with 15 years experience in Australian and international contemporary art. Her curatorial practice is informed by cross-cultural collaboration, intersectionality and trauma-informed frameworks. Nowell has held leadership positions at Institute of Modern Art and Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, and is the CEO of Adelaide Contemporary Experimental, all in Australia.

Liz Nowell has curated exhibitions at Institute of Modern Art; Australian Centre of Contemporary Art; and Adelaide Contemporary Experimental, all in Australia, among others.

Studio #212


Jojo Gronostay

Jojo Gronostay’s practice investigates issues of identity and representation, as well as platforms, recycling, and the in-between. His work delves into the political and economic frameworks that exist between formerly colonized African countries and the Western world, as well as themes such as economy and value, as well as the exchange of people and goods between the two continents. Through platforms such as DWMC, he also creates structures for himself to intervene in these cycles.

Jojo Gronostay has exhibited work at Mumok, Austria; MAK Vienna, Austria, and Bundeskunsthalle, Germany, among others.

Current Resident: Feb 1, 2023–Jan 31, 2024

Pro Helvetia, Atelier Flex - Kanton Zug

Studio #213


Pascale Birchler

Pascale Birchler creates theatrical installations that form a multi-layered system of visual connotations. Her work explores the embodiment of loneliness and stalemate, as well as the contemporary status quo.

Pascale Birchler has exhibited work at Istituto Svizzero, Rome; UCCA Edge, Shanghai; and Gallery Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, among others.

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