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Martha Skou

Martha Skou is an interdisciplinary artist who moves freely between audible and visual worlds. Both analytical and experimental, her work toys with opposites in color, shape and/or sound. She has created personal universes surrounding her work both in her collaborations and solo projects. Her language is abstract and atmospheric, with compositions in spatial formats as well as two-dimensional media.

Martha Skou has exhibited her work at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York; Telfair Museums, Savannah; and Pioneer Works, New York, among others.

Joshua Liebowitz

Joshua Liebowitz is interested in socio-technical absurdity as a measure of the contemporary condition. He combines computational objects, research acts, and physical materials into assemblages that unsettle the technological gaze produced by hidden media infrastructures and labor practices. Documenting these inherited subjectivities, Liebowitz tries to provide situations where preconfigured identity and experiences of exhaustion, vulnerability and confusion can be rethought in terms of expression and autonomy.

Joshua Liebowitz (born 1980) studied poetry and music at Columbia University, earning his BA in English. His works have recently been shown at CAFA International Gallery, Beijing; Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn; NARS Foundation and Pioneer Works, Brooklyn; and Flux Factory, Queens, amongst others. Joshua’s commissions include The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, and Electric Objects. His works have been discussed in The Atlantic, Art F City, Packet BiWeekly, Jacket2, and Huffington Post. He was a 2017 artist-in-residence at NARS Foundation.

Furen Dai

Furen Dai’s practice has focused largely on the economy of culture industry, and how languages lose function, usage, and history. Dai’s hybrid art practice utilizes video, sound, sculpture, painting and collaboration. Her years as a professional translator and interest in linguistic studies have guided her artistic practice since 2015. She has been researching and developing the nearly extinct language of NüShu. The language, derived from Chinese characters, was created and used exclusively by women.

Furen Dai has exhibited work at the 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Greece; 2016 International Video Art Festival Now&After, Moscow, Russia; and Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival, Scotland, amongst other.

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