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Noa Yekutieli

Noa Yekutieli’s work explores tensions between shared human experiences complicated by cross-cultural perspectives through a variety of craft mediums such as paper-cutting, handwoven textiles, and site-specific installation. Through images of landscapes and disasters, the artist examines universal patterns of destruction, loss, trauma, and memory, drawing on personal experiences as an Israeli-Japanese-American and considering conflicts related to assimilation and immigration. By incorporating patterns from various cultural contexts, Yekutieli attempts to investigate human systems in the emotional and political realms.

Noa Yekutieli has exhibited work at Contemporary Art Museum of Rosario, Argentina; Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Germany; and Nakanojo Biennale, Japan, among others.

Past Resident
2023: Danish Arts Foundation

Julian Juhlin

Julian Juhlin creates theatrical visual art using staging techniques he learned while working as a stage designer, establishing a distinct iconography in the artist’s practice. In his works, Juhlin stages figures and objects derived from his own experience, placing them in visual scenes frozen in time in an attempt to maintain and preserve specific stages of life.

Julian Juhlin has exhibited work at Copenhagen Contemporary, Denmark; Prague Quadrennial, Czech Republic; and Royal Danish Theatre, Denmark, among others.

Past Resident
2023: Celebrate the Studio

Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross is a sculptor and new media artist. His works ranges from process-based abstractions to figurative tableaus, combining idiosyncrasy, reverse engineering, and digital imaging to create narrative fragments. He uses everyday objects, popular culture, mythology, and online communities to create speculative fiction inspired by diasporic thought and explore the relationship between the arbitrary and the designed.

Andrew Ross has exhibited work at Clima, Milan; False Flag, New York; and American Medium, New York, among others.