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Past Resident
2012: Ontario Arts Council

Vessna Perunovich

Vessna Perunovich’s practice encompasses drawing, performance, video, sculpture, painting and installation. Individual yet nonetheless interrelated, her work is defies a simple categorization. Perunovich’s subject matter grapples with issues of personal intimacy and societal constructs; her work is autobiographical and at the same time universal. It dwells, emotionally and philosophically, on the subject of boundaries, both physical and psychic, orchestrating a fine balance between confinement and content. Perunovich’s works are connotations of meanings, suggesting that they can wear the conceptual clothing necessary to expressing inexpressible feelings for things that are inexplicable.

Perunovich (born former Yugoslavia) is a Toronto-based visual artist and has exhibited at international biennales in Cuba, Albania, Portugal, UK, Montenegro and Greece. Her survey solo exhibition, Borderless, recently toured galleries and museums in countries of the former Yugoslavia, including the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Serbia and Museum of Contemporary Art Republic of Srpska in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Her recent exhibitions include, Neither Here Nor There, at Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Borderline, at Angel Gallery in Toronto, Canada; performance project, The Web, at Grimmuseum in Berlin, Germany and video installation, Open Ended, as part of HT&B exhibition in Hamilton, Canada. Perunovich is the recipient of many grants and awards including the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts award in 2005 and the Chalmers Development Grant in 2011.

Past Resident
2012: Foundation for a Civil Society

Ledia Kostandini

Ledia Kostandini’s work focuses on social transformations of inherited and lost culture. She takes an ironic and often humorous approach to her work through the juxtaposition of cultural and social icons, suggesting a new perspective national events. Her works – photography, paintings and installations with mixed media objects – show a highly sensitive instinct for ideologies in different disguises. Kostandini analyzes the power of images and how they function within varied ideological systems, either in a visible or hidden way. Influenced by her country’s communist past and its threat of violence, Kostandini analyzes family stories and popular images to gain distance from the dynamics of economy and global capitalism.

Based in Tirana, Kostandini is a graduate of the Art Academy, Tirana. Recentexhibitions include What Happened to the General, Tirana; Rewind/Play/Forward, Graz, Austria; Jeune Creation, Paris; and See Visions, Sarajevo.

Hector Arce-Espasas

Hector Arce-Espasas uses images that are inherent to the geographic and cultural milieu of the tropics. He appropriates and transfigures some of these images in order to transgress their current symbolic meaning in a sensuous play of conflicting alliances. The images lure and repel while playing with the idea of the pineapple as the easily attainable commercial fruit of ‘tropical paradise’.

Hector Arce-Espasas (born 1982, San Juan, Puerto Rico) completed an MFA at Hunter College, 2011. Following this, Arce-Espasas was nominated for the Rema Hort Mann Foundation. He has also participated in various exhibitions including the Swiss Institute’s Dark Fair, Museu da Cidade, Lisbon; Marvelli Gallery, New York; Contemporary Art Society; London; The Green Gallery, Milwaukee; and University Galleries at Illinois State University.