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Current Resident: Oct 1, 2021–Dec 31, 2021

Danish Arts Foundation

Studio #203


Lotte Nielsen

Lotte Nielsen’s projects document the living conditions of LGBT people, particularly youths ‘in a unique aesthetic language developed through years of working within the art film genre’. Through an artistic and social policy lens, she aims to facilitate the collection, study, and dispersion of information about the ‘lived experience’ of this demographic. The artist describes her goal as to “contribute to the empowerment of this group of people, who for various social, political and economic reasons are often marginalized or vulnerable”.

Lotte Nielsen has exhibited at The Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen; Kunstforeningen GL STRAND, Copenhagen; and Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, among others.

Current Resident: Oct 1, 2021–Dec 31, 2021

Sobey Art Awards, National Gallery of Canada

Studio #204


Marie-Michelle Deschamps

Marie-Michelle Deschamps is an artist living and working in Montreal, Canada. Through sculpture, writing, drawing, sound and installations, her work focuses on language as an inhabitable space – a veritable structure and place where forms reside. Her practice is rooted within conversation, collaboration and translation, underscoring the transformative place of language within the formal dialect of architecture.

Marie-Michelle Deschamps has exhibited work at Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), Luxembourg City; Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow; Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel, among others.

Current Resident: Sep 1, 2021–Nov 30, 2021

Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin

Studio #205


Alona Rodeh

Alona Rodeh is a Berlin-based Israeli visual artist and independent researcher. Her practice emerges from sculpture and includes creating dynamic environments of light and sound, public art projects, video works, artist publications, and more. Interest in the material culture that shapes the public sphere, at ISCP, she focuses on the evolution of commercial and street lighting in NYC.

Alona Rodeh has exhibited work at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel; Salzburg Art Association, Austria; and Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany, among others.

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