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Current Resident: Mar 1, 2023–May 31, 2023

SAHA Association

Studio #203


Eda Gecikmez

Eda Gecikmez’s work focuses on gender, identity, and urban politics in relation to the body and space. She connects social and political change to art history and emphasizes both the past and a potential future.

Eda Gecikmez has exhibited work at Goethe Institut, Ankara; Ashkal Alwan, Beitur; DEPO; and Istanbul, among others.

Current Resident: Mar 1, 2023–Apr 30, 2023


Studio #205


Mikhail Tolmachev

Mikhail Tolmachev is a visual artist working with sound, video, photography, and spatial installations. His research-based practice explores the relationship between images, power, and the politically mediated production reality, as well as the fractures of representation and the violent history of visibility.

Mikhail Tolmachev has exhibited work at Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia; Badischer Kunstverein, Germany; and the 2015 Kyiv Biennial, Ukraine, among others.

Current Resident: Jan 1, 2023–Jun 30, 2023

La Fondation pour l'Art Contemporain Claudine et Jean-Marc Salomon

Studio #206


Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia

Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia is a multimedia artist whose works are a dialogue with matter. In his practice, Makouvia explores the essence of matter and it’s relationship with humans, emphasizing the energy that underlies in material expression.

Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia has exhibited work at Galerie Sator, Paris; De Ateliers, Amsterdam; and Musée de la Céramique, Normandy, among others.

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