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2018: The Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Tomasz Kowalski

Tomasz Kowalski is part of a movement of young Polish artists embracing a form of “new surrealism.” His interest lay in the discrete hauntological aspects of the everyday and a paranoia towards reality. He expresses this discrete sensibility through a mix of parallel narratives and biography, and often collaborates with his family to make objects using various mediums. In Kowalski’s paintings, drawings, installations and sound pieces, the everyday morphs into the tragicomic, lending his imagery an enigmatic and psychedelic quality.

Tomasz Kowalski has exhibited work at Centre Pompidou, Paris; mumok, Vienna, and Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, among others.

Modupeola Fadugba

Modupeola Fadugba’s multimedia practice encompasses painting, drawing and socially-engaged installation. She explores the social history of communal swimming pools, within a greater context of visibility, access and representation. In Fadugba’s ongoing series Synchronised Swimmers, she continues to explore moving bodies, focusing on community and group dynamics, developing a new interest in interdisciplinary collaborations with other artists and local communities. As an avid and lifelong swimmer, her figures also represent her own challenges navigating the fluid landscape that is the art world.

Modupeola Fadugba has exhibited work at DAK’ART 2016, Dakar, Senegal; Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; SMO Contemporary Art, Lagos, Nigeria, among others. She was awarded the El Anatsui’s Outstanding Production Prize in 2014. 

Alexis Dahan

Alexis Dahan’s work is an examination of the different forms taken by the city’s erosion. He creates public interventions directly on the street by disrupting existing relations we have with common urban elements such as payphones, fire hydrant, pot-holes, fire alarms, news racks or cobblestone roads. He also maintains a studio practice where he creates sculptures that use the manufactured urban object as raw material to give it a new form and a new purpose. Dahan uses charcoal drawing to document some urban phenomenon that he finds particularly engaging aesthetically.

Alexis Dahan is a French artist and writer who has been living in New York since 2005. He completed his master’s degree in Literature and Philosophy in Paris and studied Journalism at New York University in 2007. Dahan had his first solo exhibition at Half Gallery in 2012. In 2013, Dahan’s installation We serve selected texts was installed at the entrance of Dia Art Foundation’s headquarters in Chelsea. Since, Dahan has had several solo shows in the United States and Europe, including a commission by the Art Production Fund and an intervention with the Fire Department New York. He has conducted and published interviews with artists including Joseph Kosuth, Jeff Wall, Gabriel Orozco, Lawrence Weiner, Giuseppe Penone and Barbara Kruger.